What’s the Healthiest Supplement Powder for Dogs?

A homemade superfood powder blend is the ultimate gift of health you can give your dog. It’s easy to make, takes just a few minutes, and offers proven long-lasting benefits! As you’ve seen, there are other options available, such as supplements you get from the pet store or grocery store, but for my own health and for my animals health, I choose the very best I can find or have access to. Plus, when it’s so easy and cost-effective, why not do all that you can?

Java - my sweet, very active dog

There are dozens of supplements I see for animals and their ingredients are not impressive. Personally, I prefer to give my dog everything I can, within reason, to ensure he stays lean and muscular, ultra healthy, and real shiny. He’s a handsome one alright, and he’s got great genes (Pharaoh/Shepherd mix), but the food he eats and powders he takes activate the best expression of his genes possible.

I SAVE TONS OF MONEY by giving this homemade powder to my sweet doggie, Java. No vet bills, no medications, no toxic preventative creams or care. I use food as medicine and medicine as his food (along with his BARF diet, mimicking what he would eat in the wild) to keep him in such phenomenal shape and health. He has the same energy he did when he was just several weeks old and constantly get comments that he looks much younger than he does (he’s 5 1/2) 🙂

Here’s an article on the raw organic superfood diet I feed both JavaDog and my EmmyCat if you haven’t read it yet.


Vitality Blend Prior to Stirring Together

Vitamineral Green* (green superfood multi-vitamin/mineral)
Vitamineral Earth* (tonic herbs, detox, immunity, stress)
Elixir of the Lake (Wild Blue Green Algae)* (high protein/amino acids, minerals)
Zeolite Powder* (removes heavy metals, pesticides & poisons)
Astragulus Root Powder (stay looking & feeling young, energy)
Plant-Based MSM Powder (joints, hips, skin, hair, coat, shine)
Amla Berry Powder (high vitamin C for strong immunity)

DIRECTIONS: The base of this formulae is Vitamineral Green; I add unmeasured spoonfuls of the other powders and mix all together, and package in an old Elixir of the Lake dark glass bottle for storing on the counter. Play around with the amounts, just use the greens as the foundation and top it with the rest. I give 1 tablespoon to my 75 lb dog daily.

There is a MOUND of Vitamineral Green in the photo to the right, underneath all the other powders. You can see some of it in the upper left.

The ingredients marked with a * means you can get these through HealthForce Nutritionals, a high vibe company offering extremely bio-compatible organic raw and vegan products for us all to stay young and healthy.

HealthForce offers a product specifically for animals called Green Mush, yet it is VERY similar to Vitamineral Green (VMG) and VMG is much more cost-effective, especially if you plan on maintaining this supplemental regimen. Green Mush has CoQ10 added and is formulated to taste a bit better, but I can tell you that dogs LOVE Vitamineral Green and if your dogs needs the CoQ10 then just buy it and add it to the powder blend (or get the Mush).

You can get the astragulus powder and amla berry powder from Mountain Rose Herbs and the only plant-based MSM on the market at Omica Organics. You can use any high vitamin C powder, I’ve just personally found amla berry or camu camu to be among the easiest to get without fillers.

These products and ingredients are typically used for humans, yet are proven safe and are encouraged for dogs. They need the nutrition to keep them strong and vital! Be a really good doggie mama and take the best care of your furry children. ♥

Here’s a great article I recommend reading on The Horrors Of Commercial Pet Food.

What do you give your animals? Please comment, ask questions, and share your own successful animal diets, supplement blends, and healthy approach; Share with your friends who have furry loved ones!

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8 comments on “What’s the Healthiest Supplement Powder for Dogs?

  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like the idea of feeding dogs Amla berry powder, really good idea especially since vitamin C can help so many degenerative diseases in dogs such as arthritis. Your puppy is lucky to have you as his mama:)

  2. Hi, great advice. I want to give my dogs Amla but don’t really see a lot of info out there on giving it to dogs/cats. HOw long have you been giving it to your dog? I do give my dogs Mangosteen and find it really helps with their arthritis. they are boy close to 45 lbs, – would a teaspoon a day of Amla be sufficient? Thanks so much!!

    • I believe so! I would switch up the source of superfoods and vit C that you give your dogs so they get variety. I personally do not measure amounts and just shake small amounts in every so often at this point.

  3. Hi Bethanne. ….So glad to have found this article and information. My beloved Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with cancer. I have him on an organic, home made diet and would love to add powdered greens to his diet! Do you have any information about using this when cancer is involved? Thank you for any information you can share with me!

    God Bless! Lisa

    • Great Lisa! I don’t have any science or literature with regard to cancer, but you can be sure that this is what I would use for any loved pet – mine or a friends, to support their overall well-being. Wishing you doggie stellar health. Personally, I’d feed him/her an all organic raw diet (local meats / veggies – organic if possible, I love the Primal brand). Best to you!

  4. My dog is a shepherd malamute mix 11 yrs old. I want to give her good supplements and I already have vitamineral green, she seems to love it, and I was wondering if that was better VMG or green mush? She’s getting older so I want her to have the best and recently I’ve noticed that she’s getting some knots on her body. The vet says it’s nothing cause she’s just getting older but it makes me very concerned. She’s my baby after all. Please let me know what you think is best. Also if there’s a good vet you’d recommend in Los angeles area. ???

    • They are both suitable, I’d use VMG as it’s less expensive and extremely similar to Green Mush. Get her a doggie massage if you can (or do it yourself regularly). Work out any issues, be sure she’s active. I don’t know of a holistic vet in L.A but I use Alternatives For Animals in Lafayette, CA (I drive over an hour to see them & it’s worth it b/c not every vet is holistically-minded and open to my beliefs). Best to you and your pups .. I understand. Love love love her, talk with her, and trust she knows best with however things unfold (they are incredibly intelligent animals as you know). xx

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