Nourish & Detox on Longevity Elixirs VS Just Green Juice (Guest Blog Post by Christian Bates)

Today‚Äôs guest post is written exclusively for the Edible Goddess blog by Hi Edible Goddess fans! This is Bethanne’s love, Christian Bates. I love boosting my health through therapeutically nutritious elixirs, superfood drinks, and tonic herbs and occasionally doing a fast or cleanse on them, and I really hope you do to or will start […]

Are We Really A Free Country?

What is your first honest reaction? Do you think that the political leaders, law enforcement, government, and Congress are in position to serve and protect for YOUR best interest, or THEIRS? Have you ever wondered why they’d make such an asinine decision to kill off 80% of the world’s population by using our food and […]