Our Population Is Being Controlled By Our Food & Water Supply

I recently watched a few videos that brought even greater awareness to this issue: our processed food and contaminated water, air pollution/chemtrails (http://tinyurl.com/3fcrsr), and the government not only knowing about it, but having involvement in it. Gasp. Yes, it’s quite possibly true (in my opinion this is intentional & there is a solution) and has been in progress for so many years that most deny or hardly recognize this reality. Yet, I would rather not play the ignorant card, do my own research, and watch and read as much material as possible to keep my own health in my own control. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Who’d want to give that away?

Have you heard of Esoteric Agenda? If there is just one movie I could influence you to watch, it would be this one without question. The direct link for you to watch for free is on my friend Rawb’s website that will auto play all 13 parts of the movie together: http://tinyurl.com/ncohtu. It may be quite shocking to some, yet I found it to be captivating and empowering – watch the whole thing! This movie brings light to issues regarding how the people of this world are greatly influenced by media and intentionally misguided by industries that are making bank off of people’s cravings and ignorance. There is so much going on behind the political scenes that we are not made aware of, and things that are intentionally covered up… it’s up to YOU to make yourself aware by watching movies like this if you want to survive what they have planned.

Pay very close attention to part 4 and 5 (of 13), where a lady at NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) discusses the facts on what will happen on December 31, 2009 (Codex) – that’s just months away! Are you and your families prepared? 3 billion deaths are expected, and 1 billion of them will be through starvation due to lack of economic success (in the eyes of the government). Now you may be thinking… well, we don’t have to worry about that – this is America, there’s plenty of preserved packaged food to live off of for years (and plenty of obesity to go along with it, yes). But, you have bought into their whole game plan if you believe this. That’s exactly the ironic part: It’s the food that is killing people. Don’t believe me? Check the statistics.

The next 2 billion will die from the preventable dis-eases of under-nutrition (even with all those synthetic supplements). ‘Who will live?’ she asks… those who are wealthy and powerful enough to have their own clean food and nutrients (you mean grow your own food? And eat superior nutrient-dense food that’s been healing people in other countries for thousands of years?). The people of America are being intentionally poisoned through our processed, refined, heavily preserved ‘food’ and dirty, pharmaceutical-laden, fluoridated water supply.

Our food is void of necessary nutrients and contain ‘other’ ingredients (didn’t read that part of the label?) that I’d gather some have disregarded & trusted that nothing would be put into our food if it were bad for us. Our public water supply is FLUORIDATED (and that’s a bad thing – watch part 4), and if you buy plastic water bottles to ensure you are safe from this toxic supply of water, then please know that most water bottles are just tap water re-packaged in leaching plastic. No matter your source of water, there are plans to decrease the amount to which we are allowed. You should really watch this flick if you aren’t familiar with what the government is planning.

There’s SO MUCH that you can do! This is why I found this video to be so empowering and I feel compelled to show you just how much control you have. I have no intentions to create a vibe of fear – just the opposite! This will lead into a 2nd (maybe 3rd) post, yet 1st let me tell you that by TAKING CONTROL of your OWN HEALTH, you have the power. Don’t know what that means? Don’t live off of food that is not in its’ natural state. Don’t know what that means? LIVE ON FOOD THAT GROWS OUT OF THE GROUND, FROM OUR EARTH, THAT WAS INTENDED TO BE EATEN. I would suggest you gain control NOW, so that you aren’t one of the people who trusted ‘someone else’ to handle these issues… who DID NOT have your best interest at heart. Next post, I’ll share with you what I am learning about Codex, more on Agenda 21 (depopulation) and everything you should know, NOW.

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4 comments on “Our Population Is Being Controlled By Our Food & Water Supply

  1. Great article!
    Couldn't have said it better.

  2. Great, great article! I wish more people talked about this issue. It is one that means a lot to me too, I do hope things start changing in the way food is made and handled. I believe everyone has a choice…a choice that can lead to positive change in your own health! Sticking to natural foods is the best way to go! I look forward into your next post.

  3. Thank you Michelle! Next post will be a mix of things to bring to light more of these issues that are important for people to know about. WE have the power, WE have the choice – to me, that's what freedom is all about!

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