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Every health-conscious woman wants to be the best version of herself & needs continual inspiration to do so. Join me in using high vibe, nutrient-rich food, self nourishing practices, a holistic approach, and an awakened mindset - as the catalysts for a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life! Yes Please!

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Coconut Goji Vanilla Cookies

Coconut Goji Vanilla Cookies

Aug 23, 2017 | No Comments

This is our go-to healthy, kid-friendly raw cookie recipe in our house! I love infusing everything with superfoods as you know, and the versatility of easy dessert recipes that can turn into more alchemical creations with the layers you add makes it an excellent default recipe. My daughter (currently 17.5 months) absolutely loves them, and […]

Family Planning + Postpartum Advice

Family Planning + Postpartum Advice

Jun 21, 2017 | No Comments

I feel like I’ve gone off the radar a bit since having my baby in March 2016. I’m sorry about this! To everyone that has messaged to share that you have missed my writing and teachings, thank you. My heart and mind long to write – it’s what I’m born for, and 1 of the […]

Creamy Cacao Superfruit Pudding

Creamy Cacao Superfruit Pudding

Feb 5, 2017 | No Comments

As a little girl, I absolutely adored chocolate Jello pudding (gross). Maybe you did, too? I had it all the time but now that there’s a supremely healthier version of chocolate pudding, and I can guarantee there’s no reason ever on the planet to eat that packaged stuff. You’ll want this one instead! ūüôā It’s […]

Everlasting Youth


Everlasting Youth (EY) is the ultimate instant tonic herbal beauty elixir blend for women rising to their highest. The herbs contained within are renowned for improving the skin and helping to address issues like acne, eczema, lack lustre and more.

It’s ideal for those committed to superior physical, emotional and spiritual health.¬†By including this in your dietary repertoire (whatever that may be), you’ll experience a high level of nourishment,¬†inner harmony, stress resilience, sound sleep – that may have been previously non-existent!

This 100% water soluble powder blend holds the top ranking in your superwoman toolkit for all things a woman wants. With consistent use several days a week over a couple months, it has great potential to clear skin conditions, eliminate PMS and other hormonal imbalances, and is also your committed partner in longevity + your secret weapon for ‪‎rejuvenation‬ and awakening.

It’s a dynamic blend of ancient tonic herbs that synergize together for outstanding results!