Everlasting Youth is a nutrient-rich SUPERFOOD + SUPERHERB BLEND for the woman who wants to experience radiant health, natural beauty, and emotional well-being.

It’s made entirely of stress-busting adaptogens, immunity-boosting medicinal mushrooms and antioxidant-rich super fruits! ZERO FILLERS, binders, additives, preservatives, or synthetics. Every single ingredient is healing, regenerative, and has a clear purpose.

This is a 100% water soluble powder – dissolving upon contact with hot water – and can easily be blended into a superfood smoothie, added to raw chocolate recipes of all kinds, and hot tea to make an epic herbal beauty elixir!

The herbs have already been hot water extracted so you can include it in hot dishes without losing any of the nutritional goodness contained within. Add it to your gluten-free pancake, waffle or cookie batter too. 🙂

If you’re preparing your body to conceive a baby, you’ll find that it’s the ultimate pre-conception preparation in herbal form available!

Tonic herbs are best taken in small amounts, CONSISTENTLY. It’s not like the traditional American way where more is better (forget about super sizing here) – adaptogens work because they make a regular appearance in your diet! Work this in wherever you can, and:

 Balance Moods Naturally
Reveal Radiant Beauty
Inhibit Aging Process
Enhance Sexual Libido
Hormonal Harmony
Ease Monthly Moon Cycle
Reclaim Feminine Nature
Protect Your DNA
Activate Pineal Gland
Unleash Best Side of Genetics
Silky Skin + Nail Strength
Hair Lustre + Toned Body





PLEASE NOTE: Not to be taken during pregnancy or while breast-feeding, though it is ideal if you can consume it as part of preparing your body to conceive the healthiest child ever, and to deeply nourish + restore your body after breast-feeding is complete.