She’s a health-conscious, self-empowered woman who embraces her divine feminine energy, takes the absolute best care of herself possible, recognizes that her body is a temple, nourishes herself with real whole food and mineral-rich herbs that grow organically from our beautiful earth, lives & loves a progressive holistic lifestyle, takes action in alignment with her values, trusts that the Universe conspires in her favor, and believes in herself.

It is all of YOU reading this that resonate with this message. It’s not just my superhero name..

it’s a movement that I’m leading –

a journey we are ALL on –

of women that truly care.



HEY, BEAUTY! I care A LOT about inspiring and empowering you. That’s why I’m here – it’s my calling, my dharma & deepest hearts desire. My mission in life is to empower + uplift women, and to help you see your own worth and value – thereby making choices in life that reflect them. I’m selfishly invested in you getting healthier and happier because I want more of us out there living in harmony, peace, in joy, and with love for ourselves. I want my children to know that this is what’s actually normal and truly healthy!

Way back in 2001 I had a very profound life-changing experience that was the catalyst for everything I am now. The previous year, my mom was diagnosed with a “terminal” illness (aka cancer) as a result of asbestos poisoning (wtf!) and who you know me to be now is only because of what I chose to do with that unfortunate event. Crazy as it sounds, her death (eventually) gave me an understanding of health, direction and purpose in my own life.

Her dietary and lifestyle choices are really what took her life though, and her mindset didn’t help (attitude, belief + perspective matter!). At first I let it take me down into the deepest lows of depression and l lived carelessly and recklessly. I launched a self-destructive war and abused alcohol, smoked cigarettes, had toxic friendships, ate fast food, embodied unhealthy patterns & thoughts and lived a life filled with drama. I neglected my SELF.

These choices led to predictable daily anxiety in the evenings, panic attacks, rosacea, being 25 lbs heavier than I am at my ideal weight, confusion about my future, and mediocre living at best. At the time, I was numb and unaware of what my true potential was. My will to live was quite low because I was officially an orphan and that was a seriously hard reality to swallow!

On May 11, 2003 I woke up, stood in my living room feeling unable to take a real deep breath, decided I absolutely HAD quit the habits that I thought were killing me if I wanted a different life than one riddled with misfortune, addiction and dis/ease, and never looked back. Ironically, it was Mother’s Day! Despite many attempts before, this time worked because I locked in to my reason of WHY.

I soon sprung higher than ever with a fresh perspective and lifestyle that is uncommon – after some revolutionary transformational inner work + physical cleansing + committing to a huge diet upgrade. I am so unconventional now and admire this choice in others as well. All this is what forms the basis for my teachings, coaching, and what I share in the online (Facebook and Instagram) and in-person community I created here in NorCal. I illuminate the path which helps you to act in alignment with who you ultimately want to be.

I have felt strongly compelled to share my story over the past several years even though for SO long I was desperate to not speak the words aloud and even lied about my truth – it felt embarrassing, and I couldn’t make sense of it. Now, I find strength in being exactly who I AM.

Adversity creates an indescribable character within each of us and infuses our soul with deeper meaning, perspective, and purpose…


In 2006 I became certified as a Holistic Nutrition Educator through Bauman College, in 2007 I started my own handcrafted organic raw superfood infused edible skincare line called Organic Healing, in 2008 I started writing my blog (check
the archives!), and in 2009 I created the Chocolate Goldies – an herbal + superfood chocolate bar that heals the heart, expands the mind, and awakens the body – and Chocolate Gold, a sensual fudge-y love sauce that is the most intoxicating cacao medicine available.

From there, I began coaching clients that wanted to experience a radical shift in their health and life. I’ve traveled the world helping people accelerate positive self-transformation and am the girl you come to when you’re ready to dramatically turn your life around for the better and are committed like a rocket ship to making it happen 🙂 (really tho, you must be to work with me!).

In 2010 I published Superfood Beauty Elixirs – a how-to guide for upgrading your health via low-glycemic recipes for vitality, immunity and weight loss – with a foreword written by 1 of my mentors, David Avocado Wolfe. 

In 2014 I launched my new signature product, Everlasting Youth – a nutrient-rich superfood + adaptogenic herbal blend for the woman who wants to experience radiant health, natural beauty, and emotional well-being. It makes the perfect pre-conception health tonic to prepare one’s mind and body for this most awe-inspiring rite of passage. This is essentially the collection of herbs that helped to bring my moon cycle back after not having it for many years – post long-term use of the birth control pill in my late teens and early 20s.

In 2015 I got pregnant with the love of my life, enjoyed an easy and an exceptionally healthy pregnancy that was not a part of the traditional medical system, and we had a beautiful, natural, unmedicated home birth with an awesome midwife in March 2016. This was a re-birth for me, intense soul medicine as it is for every mama, and yet another huge catalyst that has upgraded who I am in every way.

I’m a baby-wearing, breast-feeding, co-sleeping, nature-lovin’, new paradigm mama and feel this is my most important work thus far!

Over the past several years, as a way to release the impurities that I picked up as a result of my previous dietary + lifestyle choices, and just by living in our modern world today – I’ve embarked on a week-long rejuvenation program that I call the Elixir Juice Cleanse. I typically offer it 4 times a year (at the New Year, Spring Equinox, Summer Equinox & Fall Equinox) to women around our beautiful world as an online program with live coaching.

It’s an incredibly nutritious + suuuper delicious way to remove toxins from our bodies as you feast on nourishing herbal infusions, fresh green vegetable juice, rejuvenating lemonades, superfood smoothies, coconut + nut milks, adaptogenic tonics, mineral-rich broths, probiotic potions, delicious soups, coconut water, beauty elixirs + superwoman wellness shots! This cleanse is 1 of a kind.

Join us HERE for the next one! 

Currently in my coaching practice, I specialize in helping women prepare for pregnancy and get energetically, emotionally + physically ready so you / me / we can be free from the societal fear that plagues this birthing industry! I mentor amazing women internationally and every so often host intimate sisterhood style gatherings, moon circles, and playshops (fun, engaging, interactive workshops) at my home in Marin County, CA where we focus on nourishment know-how, being empowered through this whole life process, building a trusting relationship with ourselves, and releasing patterns by re-programming our minds for what’s really possible.

Private and small group healthy cooking classes are some of the most fun and supportive events I’ve ever hosted. Email me if you’re in the San Fran Bay / NorCal Area and you’d like to step up your kitchen alchemy, herbal healing and / or superfood dessert-making skills! Half day retreats are also available.

I’m so drawn to work with fellow child bearers (a new direction of my practice in the past couple years), and yet care most about being the guide to any woman desiring a positive health transformation that results in a wildly rewarding life on every level.



Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic educator, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health and lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body’s inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value.

Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!

Her signature products include the Everlasting Youth women’s health elixir, the Chocolate Goldies & Chocolate Gold (fudge sauce), Love One Another (all-purpose edible butter) and the Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oils (all of which are currently discontinued due to re-prioritizing once I became a mom, except for Everlasting Youth). Bethanne’s handcrafted magic can be found on her online shop, which has over 600+ positive reviews and a 5+ star rating.

You’ll find Bethanne hiking the trails with her dog, rollerblading, practicing hot power yoga, preparing home-cooked plant-based healing cuisine, crafting herbal chocolate medicine, and going on incredible nature + beach adventures with her family & friends when she’s not in prosperous play mode. She’s a passionate Scorpio and entirely devoted to anything and everything that she believes in and loves!

Bethanne is available for speaking engagements to large and small groups on these topics:
Nutrition for the Yogi
High Vibration Transformation
Holistic Pre-Conception Health
How to Craft Next Level Superfood Chocolate
(all of which include live food demos and sampling!)

“Declare your own glory. Recognize your power. Acknowledge your beauty. Admit your strengths. Give yourself credit. Live your truth. Play full out always. Revel in yourself. Celebrate YOU. Expect miracles daily. Shine out loud and be bright like the moon.”
~ Bethanne Wanamaker


(the phrase my mom thankfully won’t ever let me forget)

Once you believe in yourself, your self-value skyrockets.
When self-love and respect are the new standards, health becomes the #1 priority.
You realize that your body is a sacred temple and should be treated as such.
You are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your body temple at its peak optimal level and nothing less will suffice.
No accepting compromise when it comes to YOU!



I am what I eat. There’s no getting around it.

If I have my health, everything else will fall into place.

Anything is possible. Anything – and with regard to everything.

It is in all of our best interest to eliminate all needless suffering.

I must invest in my health now. Saying ‘I’ll do it later’ is a death sentence.

I have control of my own health and there’s no need to give that power to someone or something else.

I learned to dream, envision, and imagine my life as I want it, and not talk myself out of it (whatever ‘it’ may be).

No matter what anyone else says, everything is reversible with the right thoughts and actions. Let go of the people who don’t fully support you in this belief.

No matter what your story is or how low you’ve gone, it can all turn around. You can change your future this very minute. You MUST have faith in this!

I have the power when it comes to my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. I have the choice to do whatever it takes. I don’t ‘have to’ do anything, but I choose to. CHOICE is 1 of our greatest blessings!!

“There is never a crowd on the leading edge” (as spoken by Abraham-Hicks) and it feels FANTASTIC to be a part of the unconventional crowd who pursues cutting edge health strategies despite being in the minority.

If you believe in yourself, take control of your health and live consciously, your world will shift!


It’s time to rise up and practice being who you want to be. To DECIDE you are ready, and willing.


You can spend countless years postponing your health and giving all the excuses why you can’t start your own personal health care revolution, and you may experience declining energy and life force as you age – OR you can be responsible and have TODAY be the day you took control and decided to do something new. It’s up to you!

Contact me if you’d like support on your journey – I’ll do everything I possibly can to help.