Nourish & Detox on Longevity Elixirs VS Just Green Juice (Guest Blog Post by Christian Bates)

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Hi Edible Goddess fans! This is Bethanne’s love, Christian Bates. I love boosting my health through therapeutically nutritious elixirs, superfood drinks, and tonic herbs and occasionally doing a fast or cleanse on them, and I really hope you do to or will start to today.

And yet I see so many people doing the second best thing, which is trying get their trace nutrients from green vegetable juice only.

May I be frank and bold? There are countless raw food healing centers and raw food coaches that are promoting a diet that is basically just fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and therapeutic amounts of green vegetable juice. Their primary strategy for mineralization and cleansing comes from doing green vegetable juices. Let me explain why this “old school” method will give you some initial or short term results but will ultimately deprive you of vitality and common sense. In fact, it’s a downright short sighted approach. I will explain…

I have been an “all raw” raw foodist for over 7 years, and at one time I did 18 months of a half gallon of fresh vegetable juice every day. After the first 9 months of this, I hit my first “wall” where I just couldn’t do that much bulk intake of alkaline vegetable minerals. So, I started diluting my juices by putting herbal tea through my juicer after I ran the vegetables so that my juice was about 50% green juice (fresh pressed organic store-bought produce including celery, cucumbers, lemons, limes, parsley, cilantro, dandelion, ginger, grass, etc.) and about 50% tea (a few tonic herbs like reishi mushroom, yerbe mate, YogiTea blends). I did this unconsciously just as a way to help clean my juicer, not really realizing what I was doing and where I was headed with the tonic herbs approach. I also amended my green juices with green powders like Vitamineral Green and Crystal Manna.

After about 9 months of the 50/50 juice, I hit another “wall” where I just could not have more than a few sips before I felt loopy. I kept trying to drink lots of green juice but it only got me “stoned with alkalosis.” Had I continued, I might have developed an allergy to juiced store bought produce. What had happened is that I was putting myself into acute alkalosis: too much alkalinity from the juice lasting about two hours as my body had already become more neutral in pH normally (by detoxing the acids and restoring my alkaline mineral balance).

When you first get into organic styles of cleansing or go raw, you might be coming from a background (and we all come from this background) of eating poor food choices and being exposed to toxins that put an excess of acids in our body. So when we first do lots of green juice (alkaline minerals), we go from acidic to neutral pH for the few hours after having the drink. Our body should be approximately neutral in pH as a normal state of health when we wake up in the morning. If we do effectively detox and bring in the minerals as our long term protocol, then our body will eventually become more neutral in pH, and if we continue to do a lot of green vegetable juice, then eventually we will hit a “wall” like I did, and go from neutral to over-alkaline for the few hours after having the drink. We can see in this case that green juice is medicine, and should not necessarily be a “meal” we have every single day, forever.

The big issue with green vegetable juice is that it is only one “food group” and it is usually hybridized, store bought greens (cultivars that did not exist a thousand years ago) as opposed to wild greens. Therefore a store bought vegetable juicing person is still actively addicted to agriculture and domestication, which majorly lacks virility, certain minerals and immunomodulatory substances.

Enter > Longevity Elixirs. If I had to do the last 7 years all over again, I would have done a lot more longevity elixirs and about a fourth the vegetable juice that I did. These Superfood Beauty Elixirs contain any of the following deeply rejuvenating substances:

Aloe vera (fresh gel), algaes (blue green, chlorella, spirulina), acerola berry, amla berry, camu camu berry, cacao, coconut water kefir, goji berries, HealthForce Nutritionals blends like Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth, maca, marine phytoplankton, medicinal mushroom extracts like Reishi, MSM, noni, sea vegetables like kelp, shilajit, spring water and a variety of tonic herb extracts or teas containing (asparagus root, cat’s claw, dandelion root, ginseng, gynostemma, he shou wu, horse tail, more of the many medicinal mushrooms like chaga, nettles, shizandra berry ~ all available from Mountain Rose Herbs).

These foods have a much richer variety of minerals and nutrients than green juice vegetables and do not have the overly-alkaline kick that green juice has, but do deliver alkaline minerals deep into your body. You will heal your tissues, immune system, nervous system, skin and organs much more profoundly with this “tonic elixir” approach.

To clarify, these foods and herbs that I mention are about a much more refined approach to nourishing each system of the body, and to promote longevity and clarity. If you are already doing a lot of green juice or sweet green smoothies, then consider this a wake up call from someone who has already gone down that road and who sees the capped health results in the “gurus” who promote these “simple raw diet” approaches. I hope you see the love behind my boldness on this issue; no judgment.

I recommend looking at the food you put in your body as something that should be more wild and medicinal. Pretend you are the shamans from each of the worlds multi-thousand-of-herbs ancient herbal systems (African traditions, Amazonian, Ayurvedic, Aboriginal….and that’s just the A’s). As a shaman, what would you advise people to heal themselves with? Juice of California-grown carrots? Not likely. You would prepare for them your top 3 to 7 exotic tonic herbs and foods that together work on the person’s body, mind and spirit.

If you were a Meso-American shaman, you might recommend a drink made from the local tonic goods: fresh aloe vera gel, blended with spring water, acerola berry, stevia to taste, sea salt, spirulina, and vanilla – all of which are foods that one can now easily acquire online and from their local natural food store and prepare in a blender. This drink (and we will unveil many more detailed recipes in our upcoming eBook on Superfood Beauty Elixirs) will restore the youthfulness of your skin and joints, boost your mood, create an outstanding immune system….and can be consumed daily – forever – without going into alkalosis.

In your health quest, keep doing what works for you. Just make sure to keep trying and adding in an evermore top quality variety of superfoods, herbs, wild foods and garden grown salads so that you will always be updating your protocol, staying innovative (which is what we do with everything else in our life, especially technology, and preparing food is a technology). By trying new things and displacing the old, you will never get stuck in health dogma, or be lured for very long by the less-than-healthiest teachers out there. I do support everyone on a raw-related path as our hearts are all in the right place. Let’s just make sure that we eschew last year’s or even last decade’s ideas and stay on the leading edge of health as we discover the secrets of longevity together!

Your Friend in Cutting Edge Health Mastery,

Christian Bates

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8 comments on “Nourish & Detox on Longevity Elixirs VS Just Green Juice (Guest Blog Post by Christian Bates)

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  2. Yay! And we don’t have to clean the juicer everyday anymore this way. I will add that the body will know when it needs juice and, if tuned in, one will hear the cry for juice and then make a quart or two or three until the feeling of deep hydration is present. Otherwise, these types of elixirs are a lot more fun, interesting, and, with quality spring water, are also hydrating. In Joy, Suzi

  3. WOW.. I really enjoyed reading this well written article/ blog. Thank you Christian for sharing such valuable information with all of us.
    Here’s to our health, Marina πŸ™‚

  4. This was a great piece. Being new to raw, I dreaded making the green smoothie “every single day” as I’ve been told. woohoo!

  5. Thank you, Christian and Bethanne! This answers a question I had just come up against regarding alkalosis in my own system. Thank you, thank you!! Keep spreading the good word and supporting us in being on the leading edge of health and vitality! I am REALLY looking forward to your ebook! Namaste

  6. COOL! Just the affirmation I needed to put this type of drink on the daily menu.. I’m very drawn to superfood smoothies, (especially with Vitamineral Green and cacao). Information from other raw food “gurus” had me convinced I needed to eat more “naturally” instead of so many packaged/prepared superfoods.

    You are both so vital and beautiful. I want to emulate someone who is the picture of health that I want to be. Will you be my gurus? πŸ˜‰

    • LOL Frances. Love that you’re enticed by VMG. Vitamineral Green was THE catalyst product for me, the one that opened up my world into natural health and beyond. We can be each other’s gurus! (yet, we really are our own guru!) – keep me posted on your successes!

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