MSM – a ‘Must-Have’ Supplement

Plant Derived MSM

Plant Derived MSM

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally-sourced sulfur compound. The benefits for taking it regularly are enormous. You can expect to notice:

* pain relief
* stronger nails
* greater flexibility
* glowing, radiant skin
* shiny hair w/ less split ends

* decreased stiffness in the body
* reduced swelling and inflammation
* a better yoga practice (be more limber!)
* quicker recovery from sports and exercise injuries
* a cleansed liver (MSM is very detoxifying to the liver)
* less achy joints, ligaments, and body (this is your new joint supplement)

It is one of my TOP 3 supplements! With it’s dual action and benefits, you cannot go wrong with including MSM into your protocol.

Unlike other MSM supplements derived from petroleum sources, the Omica Organics MSM is derived only from natural plant sources.

USE: The typical amount of MSM to use is 1 teaspoon per each 100 lbs of body weight. Yet, you can and will at times want to take higher, more therapeutic amounts when deemed necessary. Consider that MSM is a POTENT liver detoxifier, which is often overlooked or unknown. If you begin consuming MSM and start waking up between 1-3am (the time of the liver in Chinese Medicine), your liver may be overworked with filtering toxins which is why it wakes you. Cut back on your dose, start taking it only in the morning, or just power through it for however many days it occurs.

MSM stays in your body about 12 hours, so ideally, you enjoy a Superfood Beauty Elixir, made with MSM and a whole food form of vitamin C (like Pure Radiance C from The Synergy Company), in the morning and evening. I am in the habit of making one when I get up in the morning and after dinner to enjoy before bedtime.

** You can order the anti-inflammatory capsules with raw turmeric oil or the plant-derived crystals at Living Earth Beauty – the hub for all things beauty.

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  2. I know MSM is especially important for women. My girlfriend used it as an acne regimen (along with a standard cleansing regimen) for a few months and her skin was smooth and gorgeous afterwards. Not sure whether it was the MSM, but for those with acne problems, it’s worth a shot.

  3. OK, I am inspired. I took a break from MSM but started back up today. Thank you for always reminding us all to ‘eat’ our MSM.

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