Super Electrolyte Re-Mineralizing Elixir

This is my morning lemonade to break my fast. It’s so easy to make because I keep the shelf-stable ingredients on the counter so they’re quickly accessible and I whip this up in less than 5. It’s energizing, refreshing, cleansing, and hydrating. If you do not have every single ingredient, make it anyway with what you do have right now, or can get soon.

Super Electrolyte Re-Mineralizing ElixirSuper Electrolyte Re-Mineralizing Elixir

* 5 cups spring water
* 1 tsp MSM
* 1 T Truly Natural Vitamin C (or any whole food vitamin C powder)
* 1 droppersful Super Ionic fulvic acid OR Active Ionic fulvic acid
* 1 droppersful Super ZLite (liquid zeolites) – remove heavy metals, pesticides from the body
* 1 tsp vanilla bean powder
* 1/4 tsp – 1/2 tsp organic white stevia extract powder (I prefer the NOW brand)
* 1 freshly squeezed lemon
* Big pinch of sea salt
* Ice (made with spring water)

* 1/4 tsp alma berry powder – super high vitamin C powder, tastes like butterscotch
* 1/4 tsp noni powder (heals physical issues you didn’t even know needed to be addressed)
Blend on high in a Vita-Mix.
You can play around with higher amounts of MSM (or any of the ingredients), just be mindful that the MSM it has a strong taste especially if over 1-1.5 teaspoons are used in a recipe like this one. Using too much fulvic acid will feel, too acidic.
Super Ionic is an all-natural proprietary formulation of concentrated fulvic acid bonded with over 70 ocean-derived trace Minerals, Preservative-Free Aloe Vera juice, and ocean algae.
Active Ionic is an all-natural proprietary formulation of concentrated fulvic acid bonded with over 70 ocean and plant-derived trace Minerals.
Where to get these ingredients? You can order the MSM, Super or Active Ionic fulvic acid, and Super Zlite (liquid zeolites) from Omica Organics. You can order the Truly Natural Vitamin C from HealthForce.  The wildcrafted noni powder can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs, You can order the amla berry powder and vanilla bean from any online raw food store.
You can get the NOW brand organic white stevia extract powder from and Whole Foods Market (many, but not all stores). Be sure to not get the packets, as they contain maltodextrin. I get the 1 lb container and it lasts for months. It also comes in a 1 oz container.
If you want a special discount on the MSM from Omica Organics or any of the HealthForce products, my indefinite discount to all blog readers is 10% (excluding HealthForce Healing Cleanses). Just email me at with the subject line of ‘special reader product discount’, along with what you would like and the quantity of each.
Enjoy the recipe and be sure to share with others 🙂
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3 comments on “Super Electrolyte Re-Mineralizing Elixir

  1. The Super Electrolyte Re-Mineralizing Elixir looks GREAT… except there is one major, major, major problem here. We should NEVER mix fulvic acid with zeolite.

    I’ve heard David Wolfe say this *numerous* times and I have it on an MP3 of his.

    The mixing of these two seems to come up quite frequently as folks tend to just dump “whatever’s good” into their smoothies and green drinks. The more, the better… but, this is one case where we may want to think this through a little better.

    What works for me is to use mineralization for several weeks and then switch to zeolite therapy for several weeks… but, to combine at the same time simply cancels each other out (and then you have to eliminate that clogged up crud from your system) and the zeolite has no opportunity to reach the deeply embedded heavy metals. It’s just not a good plan at all to mix!

  2. I see you’re STILL advocating the mixing of fulvic acic with zeolites.

    Over a year ago, I think it was, I provided a direct quote to you of David Wolfe saying NOT to do this in an audio interview.

    A month or so ago I brought this to your attention yet AGAIN, but my thoughtful comment was simply deleted.

    And here we are still….

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Garrett. David just responded to my direct inquiry on this, and this is what he shared: I have recommended taking fulvic acid and zeolites together because I know DMSO and fulvic acid do not clash which is a strong indicator that MSM and fulvic will not clash.

      Also, in the Longevity Now program it’s posted by David that you may combine both MSM and Fulvic acid (MSM 500-1000mg and Fulvic acid 5-7 drops). Truth Calkins combines it together in his mineral drink also. I’m only aware of one “substance” NOT to use with MSM and that is ORMUS.

      Hope this clears up any misinformation or confusion.

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