My Low-Glycemic Experiment (w/ bonus cacao shake recipe!)

When I saw Christian Bates‘ low-glycemic Superfood smoothie demo at the Santa Barbara Raw Spirit Festival in June 2009, I was struck by the possibilities of eating a lower sugar diet. I was in the front row watching the demo, every move on how to create a *super* delicious smoothie that wasn’t loaded with bananas, dates, and agave.  My mouth was watering and I was in total awe after tasting the low-glycemic Superfood cacao smoothie. It was out of this world – and he made it seem relatively easy! Although the process of making the smoothie seemed a bit more complex and time-consuming, I realized a new world was opening up to me – just like when a cooked foodie begins to eat raw, a new world emerges.

I never thought I could get through a day without a banana – how freakin’ weird is that?! My smoothies (shakes, blendies.. whatever you want to call them!) always had 1 (typically 1 frozen banana) and I was certain I couldn’t create a good consistency without this hybridized fruit. I was sooo wrong… now my drinks are beyond heavenly when before they were already pretty off the hook! It’s really exciting to share this new nutritional approach with you because if it could work for me (I thought it was impossible, no fun, and extreme – just months ago!), it can work for you. Start with making just 1 smoothie a day (w/ healthy sweeteners) and let that be the beginning of eating the lower-glycemic way.

Low-Glycemic Sweeteners: To sweeten smoothies, and elixirs use organic stevia extract powder (the NOW brand is the only organic source we know of), xylitol (start with small amounts & let your belly get used to it) and agave inulin (this may give you the toots though, so be mindful of how much you put in – test it first to feel your reaction!).

Make a Nut Mylk: choose any of all of: Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, coconut flakes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds (I use teeny amounts, if ever any, of sesame and sunflower – I prefer the others – soaked and dehydrated IF you can). If you know how to make a nut mylk, great – if not, look for a post (next post!) titled ‘How-To Make Smooth, Delicious & Balanced Nut Mylks’.

This is the liquid base for your drink. Now add (to your Vita-Mix or other high-powered blender) your Superfoods (raw chocolate powder, maca powder, camu camu/vitamin C powders, blue green algae, MSM powder, beauty elixirs or herbal tinctures, etc, etc, etc)… and sweeteners of choice. If you’re not vegan, try local raw honey, yet knowing that this is not on the low-glycemic protocol – however, it’s a healing choice in comparison to agave. If you do use agave, use CLEAR agave and not the other crap (agave that’s been cut with high fructose corn syrup & labeled as ‘raw agave nectar’) on the market! No bananas, dates or agave needed. This kind of a smoothie has a thinner consistency, is ultra-smooth going down, and easy to master once you’ve played around with it a few times.

Thank the cacao Goddesses I went to the festival even though I had last minute plans to cancel. Gatta love destiny and how the Universe works to your favor! I now am blessed with more level, less erratic moods (thanks to much less sugar), an alchemical approach to health mastery, and the love of my life! 😉

Christian and I will be making videos at our home chocolate factory and sharing them with you on the Edible Goddess blog, our Facebook pgs and YouTube (our own videos coming SOON). We get asked often if we’ll share the decadent smoothies and desserts that we create – of course we will! Expect to see plenty of ridiculously fun videos (educational, too!), blogs and eBooks like you’ve never seen before in the upcoming weeks and months. Cheers to cultivating the best health ever!

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About Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic nutritionist, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health & lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body's inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value. Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!

13 comments on “My Low-Glycemic Experiment (w/ bonus cacao shake recipe!)

  1. Just a question regarding the Low Glycemic smoothies… they are just made of nut mylk & healthy green food sprinkles, and nothing else?



  2. Tammy – You can add any or all of the Superfoods I listed in the post (even more not listed)! No need for fruit – you can get it sweet with all the other ingredients. There’s much more to this smoothie than green food sprinkles… there’s only 1 spoonful of Superfood green powder in it! It’s nut mylk, Superfoods, and sweeteners – and there’s hundreds of versions possible!

  3. HI..
    I frequent the Fresh Vitamins store in Seattle and the owner said you might know where I can find a springwater source in the Seattle area. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I love the recipes you post and all the great ideas..recently gone raw and your site is a big help..

    Thanks and Blessings.
    Tricia Crow

    • Thank you Tricia for the sweet compliment! I used to get my spring water in Lynnwood, right off the 164th St SW exit. It’s an artisian well & comes out super fast! It’s second best to fresh spring water like in the mountains, but that’s the nearest & best I could find. I heard about it from people who drove over an hour each week to harvest it because it was the best of anywhere in the area. Check out and you can search for others all around the U.S.!

  4. OMG -I had no idea that Agave labeled as raw is sometimes “cut with corn syrup!” How unethical! That is the stuff that leads to diabetes!

    Thanks for telling us!

    • I know, it’s so disheartening! I never would have known had it not been for a WIldBar R & D. Only use clear agave, if you do use it – this is not cut and does not have as strong of detrimental effects.

  5. Hi Edible Goddess,

    How is the Low Glycemic experiment going? I am still eating apples, goji berries, and a little honey but am thinking about giving low glycemic another whirl now that our apples are finally almost gone. I feel good about the apple/kale/celery/ginger juice I have been drinking. It is a little sweet and I am so ready for a change. You are what you eat and I now find my self, my belly, shaped like an apple. Way too much sugar = belly fat. Most experts agree.

    I so can’t wait to be back in touch with you. I don’t even have your exact e-mail address right now as I lost all e-mails from Oct – Jan with this last computer crash. Other than that, all is great in computer land.

    Sending love and wishing for an e-mail from you so that I can reply.


    • My low glycemic experiement is going great! I haven’t had dates or bananas in a couple months, and only small amounts of clear agave that bring waves to my moods and energy however (not a surprise!). I have gradually moved away from all fruit which is wild b/c I eat so much in the warmer months. Now I’m just doing oranges & grapefruit every so often and apples are not as enticing as they used to be. I’m drinking serious amounts of elixirs (studying Elixir Craft again & again) and having a love affair with organic white stevia extract powder.

      Still feel that there are zero options for the low-glycemic person at natural health food stores – most everything in the raw section has either dates, bananas, or crap high fructose corn syrup agave. Blah!

  6. Hi Edible Goddess!
    I love your posts, but miss your presence at Marlene’s market!( I am a worker bee at MM&D) So, your smoothies are not green Victoria Boutenko style smoothies? I tend to make these sort, with lots of kale, dandelion, and other greens. I try to limit the amount of fruit in them, and use lemon to cut the bitter… but It’s hard to envision a palatable green smoothie w/out fruit? Do you do nut milks with fresh greens… I find this to be a strange combo. It seems the raw food community is divided on the whole fruit consumption ordeal. I wonder if you saw the Jameth Sheridan interview on the Renegade Health show on sugar and cancer?
    Of course the best we can do is follow our own intuition.
    .-= Christie ´s last blog ..Sweet Maca Mint Smoothie =-.

    • Christie! I totally miss demos at the Marlene’s Markets! Those stores were definitely my favorites in the entire region – I love everyone there – please give hugs and do a cheers to Vitamineral Green (and the others!).

      I used to make smoothies with 60% fruit and 40% leafy greens, yet I’ve been following a low-glycemic lifestyle and approach for the past several months and am not consuming fruit w/ the periodic exception. Those kinds of smoothies are an excellent introduction to raw – just be mindful of eating too much hybridized fruit (wild is better!) and it’s best to add more and more greens to it to lessen the sugar content. Get your fruits from farmer’s market to make sure their local and organic. For smoothies, I do Superfood smoothies like this:

      I have green juices w/ lemon or ginger and love it. No sweet fruit needed (you’ll get used to it, I promise!). It’s a juice though, not a smoothie.

      Yes, I’ve heard Jameth talk about sugar & cancer and it’s brilliant! I love this! I recorded a video of him talking about this at the Longevity Conference (hoping to get live soon). It’s a newer concept for me (sugar driving in the therapeutic nutrients to heal – nature is PERFECT!), yet it makes great sense. However, I still believe that breaking from all sugar at some point in our life, for an specific amount of time, is absolutely beneficial. Then, we can clearly determine how much natural sugar our body does best on. I’ve had a very interesting experience w/ this recently and will write on it.

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