The Raw, Organic, Superfood Diet for Animals

As a fully devoted and dedicated conscious eater, I feel that our closest friends and family members, our beloved animals, deserve the best food ever just as we do. It’s important to give them the highest quality food, treats, and bones available. Providing our furry friends with *wild* food will do the same thing that eating raw foods does for humans – prevent illness and dis/ease, automatically reduce inflammation, and strengthen the immune system (and all other systems) naturally. There are countless reasons to feed your animals the raw food diet and what I’ve mentioned is hardly touching on the benefits.

Loved the days when I could carry him!

JavaDog and EmmyCat are my best furry friends and I refuse to compromise what I feed them just as much as I do for myself. It would not be in line with my values if I fed myself the best foods ever, and then gave them processed kibble or canned food. In the wild, animals do not have can openers to open canned food or processing facilities to create their kibble. I like to give them food that gets as close to the kind of food that they’d have if they were foraging food themselves in the wild.

Dogs can apparently thrive and be vegetarians, whereas cats are natural carnivores; each have different nutrition requirements. Yet, after a great amount of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that feeding both dogs and cats raw meat with organic vegetables and (if you want your animals to be Super Animal Heros, then also superfoods and tonic herbs) is their ideal diet. Just like with my food choices, things can change, but for the most part their diet is consistent and they happily devour every little morsel I feed them.

And so, I feed my sweet animals (who drink only fresh spring water when at home):

JavaDog – AKA: the most beautiful, special dog ever (75 lbs of muscle)
* Primal Pet Foods, variety of flavors for maximum nutrition (2 lbs daily)
* Salmon Oil (1 pump daily)
* Coconut Oil (every so often, but not daily)
* Goji Joy (goji berry extract for antioxidants)
* Vitamineral Green (1 spoonful per meal)
* Wild Blue Green Algae (called Elixir of the Lake by HealthForce)
* ZeoForce (zeolite powder) to remove heavy metals
* Medicinal mushroom mycelium powder blend
* Snacks – WildSide Salmon Treats, free-range bully sticks, and raw bones (beef and buffalo)

The Vitamineral Green, Blue Green Algae, and Zeolites can be found at HealthForce Superfoods.

EmmyCat – AKA: Princess of the Palace (7-8 lbs of cuddle to the max) ~
* Primal Pet Foods, variety (1-2 tbsp per meal) – she also catches birds, mice, etc – the typical wild Superkitty behavior
* Salmon Oil (1 pump per meal)
* Vitamineral Green – tiny sprinkling (too much and she won’t eat it, so we’ve got to disguise it w/ the salmon oil & bonito flakes)
* Wild Blue Green Algae (pinch)
* Zeolites to remove heavy metals
* Mushroom powder (pinch)
* Snacks – WildSide Salmon Treats, bonito flakes and organic catnip in the yard (and dried)

Java at 10 weeks

Sure, the consideration of cost is an issue for many, but I firmly believe that we (animals included) either pay now or later. It makes no sense to feed them processed crap and then medicate them later because they’ve gotten some health problem that could have been prevented if enough attention was given to their true needs.

Cost will always be the excuse for many, and if that’s what stands between you and stellar health, then I suggest you re-visit your priorities and really take a look at where you spend your money (every dollar) to see if there are ANY unnecessary spending habits that come between you and a budget that allows for top-notch food and supplements (aka: raw foods and superfoods).

Other brand names that I know and love (and have used previously) are: Nature’s Variety (though not organic but less expensive), Natural Pet Pantry (Seattle), and Darwin’s Pet Delivery (Seattle).

Remember, you (or your animals) don’t have to buy/use/consume every single thing listed above, every single day. I rotate what I give them and these are products I take myself so they are typically on hand. Begin with 1 thing (and I’d suggest Vitamineral Green as the #1 supplement for animals, by far) and gradually rotate in the rest. You and your furry friends can master health and promote longevity; reap the benefits both NOW and LATER!

If you’d like my support in supporting your pet’s health, I can help! Just as I create healthy diet meal plans for my nutrition clients, I can do the same for dogs and cats – they deserve the BEST!

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