The Good Karma Giveaway Fiesta

7 days ago, I watched a video that I linked to from my friends Peter Ragnar & Katrina Mayer as part of their work with The Pro-Youthing Summit. This summit includes 3 free training videos for anti-aging, abundance, and spiritual wisdom that I highly recommend (you’ll see why). The first video I watched with Joe Vitale was very inspiring and really struck a cord within me.

I thought to myself, I want to see this in action in my own life! I want to build trust in this process and see if it works for me. My initial intentions were: I bet this would be a cool experiment and that no one else is doing it (although if others were, it would be sweet!). My heart told me I have to do this.

I decided to kick off a spontaneous 7 day “good karma giveaway fiesta” right then and there! Each day for 7 days in a row, I gave away something for FREE to whomever answered the question I asked on my Edible Goddess Facebook fan page – no strings attached! FUN!

This was not planned, so each night I tuned in and asked myself what would be the best giveaway that day. I went with whatever I received and documented my entire 7 day journey (what I gave away and what I received). No requirements or rules in this game, just giving from the heart because it feels good and with a need to build my faith that I was no exception to this karmic rule. I really like experiments that test my powers.

* Please note – everything that I received was UNEXPECTED! That’s what made this even sweeter of an experience.

My eBook, Superfood Beauty Elixirs:
1ST person who makes a positive comment wins
– 2 beautiful wood cutting boards from a dear friend of mine within 2 hours of posting the karma giveaway fiesta. My jaw dropped at how quickly I had something come into my life after consciously making this decision to do this giveaway
– last minute message before closing my laptop for the night that I’m confirmed to co-host a dreamy health retreat in Bali late this May / early June (my potential participation was a very recent discovery) – this is BIG & makes me very happy 🙂

A 15 minute “ask anything regarding nutrition” skype session with me
1st person who makes an inspiring comment wins

– An email notifying me that I’ll be receiving a bonus check in the mail for $1,000. next month
– A pair of perfectly fitting organic cotton / hemp black pants as trade with a friend
– Multiple packs of organic heirloom seeds as a gift to plant in my garden
– A box of free superfoods from Earth Circle Organics so I could participate in a raw food fair for them
– A box of my favorite Morrocco Method samples for me to experience, review on my blog, and giveaway to a lucky reader of my site

* Side Note – Holy WOW!! What a day! I was astounded at what I unexpectedly welcomed into my life!
** P.S. I found a wallet at my natural foods store and brought it right over to the cashier. No, I didn’t open it. I felt like that would have potentially messed with my luck. 😉

1 free Chocolate Goldie
The 1st person who shares how raw cacao/chocolate has had a positive impact on them wins

– An unsolicited discount on a bag organic oranges at the farmer’s market as their thank-you to me for always introducing customers to their booth
– A check in the mail for $500 from a client

2 complimentary copies of my eBook, Superfood Beauty Elixirs
List your favorite superfood, why, and how you use it, and the best answer wins

– A complimentary box of superfoods and goodies in the mail from a well-known company that would like my help in marketing and growing their business (I offer business consulting as part of my practice & have been doing so for years w/ major players in the raw superfood nutrition & organic movement)

1 WildBar, flavor of choice (which turned into 3 because I couldn’t choose the winner – they all had beautiful answers!)
What is the reason BIGGER than yourself for you to take action on your health? The most endearing answer wins…

– Homemade herbal raw chocolates as a gift from a good friend who supported me by attending my Superfood Desserts & Elixirs class

1 free 20 minute nutrition session with me
I ate an entire jar of WHAT tonight? 1st person to guess wins

– The gift of giving… spending money on people who I don’t know except that they commented 1st on my FB status and won the prize

1 hour nutrition strategy session with me
I have a MAJOR announcement that has me doing back flips! I’m ecstatic to know this is happening for me! 1st person to guess wins

– A check in the mail from an affiliate of mine
– 16 oz Cold Water Extracted Mangosteen Extract and 1 kg Incan Spirulina as a gift from my boyfriend

Final Insights – Did this so well work for me because I was focused on the positive and on the act of giving freely, or because my heart was in the right place? Let this be a reinforced lesson to be in a constant state of appreciation and always willing to give without hesitation.

The things I received are not usual daily occurrences, which is what struck me so interesting. I am a giver at heart, but I do not do so, so consciously every single day.

This experiment felt similar to the act of writing out a gratitude list where you’re focusing on all you are thankful + appreciative for. Each night I would go through the day in my mind and think of all the ways I received. Truth is, I received more than I’ve listed here, but what I listed are the more tangible things whereas if I listed all the intangible things, someone would call me out and say, of course you felt amazing & excited doing this – it was inevitable!

P.S. Receiving goes way beyond material goods or cash in the pocket.

One thing is for sure: I will make giveaways a regular part of my life and share extra goodies with my friendly Facebook community more often.

Thanks so much to everyone who made this SO MUCH FUN!! 🙂

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