Your Body Is A Temple, continued…

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There are a few questions we need to ask ourselves when thinking about our body as a temple, and I’ll give you 2 of them today:

1) Where are you holding yourself back? You want to let go of the boundaries and make a decision to commit to taking action on something that you have wanted to do to live healthier, yet have postponed it for a more convenient time or better circumstances. Create the circumstances now and remember that success likes speed – decide quickly that you already are who you want be (maybe just under a few layers) and that you deserve all the wellness in the world.

2) WHY are you choosing to make more conscious choices? Not just simple general things like having more energy and looking better – but WHY do you want to jump out of bed in the morning, have steady energy throughout the day and be ready to rest easily at night?

Consider what the little things are that will make a big difference in your life and WHY you want them. I suggest writing them down to get really clear and to be able to reflect back on them, sort of like a checklist journal. When you do this, it will feel so good to visually see your progress and know just how far you’ve come.

With health, most of us want to feel our absolute best all the time, yet it can at times feel far in the distance and not always readily achievable. I am here to show you just how much is possible and how close you are to attaining it for yourself. Many times, it’s just 1 decision away and you can choose that right now for yourself.

Sometimes when we are learning about a new to a way of living, we postpone making decisions that would ultimately benefit us, we get intimated feeling like we aren’t sure how to proceed to really make it work for us, we procrastinate and then just stay where we are, and don’t change a thing!

So consider that you grow when you are out of your comfort zone and decide what new attitude, mindset, or action you need to implement to go beyond where you’ve been, especially if you’ve been stuck or in a rut – and then, do it today. I’d like to emphasize that the best things come to those who are willing to learn new information, even if it’s an idea they haven’t heard before.

So if all this health stuff is confusing or overwhelming, know that you are presented with the material when you are ready to learn it. That’s just how the Universe works. There is a popular saying that the teacher presents itself when the student is ready to learn… so now may be a good time to shift whatever needs to be shifted and to let go of any excuses that have held you back in the past.

Finally, do what makes sense to YOU. Ask yourself if what you are hearing really resonates with you at the deepest level. Tune into that intuitive innate feeling that we were all born with! The power is within and I am here to remind you of the potential that is within you.

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