Get into the Vortex w/ Abraham-Hicks Live Event Quotes

In Feb 2010, I went to another live event w/ Abraham-Hicks – it was enlightening and jam-packed full of excellent quotes and uplifting discussion as usual. Each quote below can be positively dwelled upon for hours; enjoy! To read the 2 posts I wrote from last year’s event, check out:


It’s not possible to be in the middle of a life problem without standing in the middle of a life solution.

You never accomplish anything when you are in pain.

Any discussion about what holds you outside of the vortex holds you outside of the vortex.

Dis-ease = Practicing discord more than allowing.

If life has given you an illness, life has already given you perfect health.

Well-being is the basis of this Universe.

A healer has to know that the potential for wellness must be greater than their patients/clients illness. See them unequivocally well.

Choose to move from overwhelm to EASE and FLOW.

Illness is about mood, it’s an attitude.

Tune yourself to the sweetness of life.

You have to see what’s not able to be seen, see it as you want to see it.

The more you focus on purpose, the better it gets.

Being in the Vortex, means being resistant-free.

Love is holding someone in the image of their highest good.

You have to decide that you want to feel good and then you’ll feel good.

Destiny is of thriving and wellness, and you are carving out the details along your path.

Timing is how long it takes your to get out of the resistance.

Stop commenting and facing ‘reality’.

Feel it, know it, and then it has to be.

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