YOUR Questions Answered to Why You Should Use Edible Skincare

In response to the comments and questions of my previous article on why you should use edible skin and body care, I felt it would be helpful to answer these questions on the blog so everyone can benefit from the answers. 3 of the most common questions that came up were:

Question 1: If I only use tiny amounts of products (less than 2 teaspoons a day) and they don’t contain parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (evil stuff), shouldn’t I be more concerned about the pound of less than ideal food (or whatever it is) in my daily intake more than my skin? Both are important I know, but it’s hard to make skincare my top priority when there are still so many dietary challenges to address (not vegan yet, not eating all organic yet).

We all need to make choices based upon priorities in our life and both the food you put into your body and the products you use topically are critically important. Consider that your skin is your LARGEST organ and so you are eating whatever it is you’re using topically. It may be a small amount, but it does matter even if it’s not the ‘most toxic’ stuff out there. You should know exactly what is going into your body whether it’s via the skin or the mouth – and from there when issues arise we can pinpoint what trigger problem. If you aren’t fully aware of every single ingredient and its’ We all need to decide where to put our attention and I can understand this, yet often it becomes a matter of postponing and then never doing (which equals compromised choices over an extended period of time).

Check out the Story of Cosmetics for an enlightening perspective on this industry. I agree with everything Annie says, except when she comments that ‘not all chemicals are bad’. Um… ? The rest is excellent and should be viewed by all!

Question 2: How do I work with the products when they solidify? Any tips for using the product without getting it all stuck under my fingernails? Use some kind of flat spoon thingy?

I handcraft body butters and because I do not use water + oils (I’d HAVE to heat the product if I did this), the butters tend to be thicker. Simple solution: instead of scooping with your fingertips like you would with a soft lotion toward you, scoop with your fingerNAIL away from you. If you prefer to keep the product untouched by human hands to reduce potential bacteria, use a little bamboo tea spoon. I personally just use my hands since it is just myself and my man who use the butters.

Question 3: I just read your latest on edible skincare and, while I KNOW that everything you say is absolutely 100% true, I’m left feeling so overwhelmed and really don’t even know where to start. The main problem for me is that I use makeup to cover up bad skin (breakouts, redness, rosacea…) but realize that the makeup certainly must be adding to my skin looking bad yet I can’t stop using the makeup until I feel confident that my skin looks better….etc. Obviously a vicious cycle that I need to break. On top of that, the only makeup that I can seem to find that really does the job (covers nicely, not too oily…) are definitely NOT natural. I know that I should NOT be putting these products on my face. I really don’t know of any natural makeup though. I would LOVE to get to a place where I don’t need to wear makeup but until then, are there any products you can recommend?? (Or any of your amazing skincare products that might help to heal my skin??). I’m so frustrated and scared that the products I’ve ben using for YEARS are really harming me.

I imagine every woman reading this can relate! You want to bring your skin back to its’ ideal pH and the best way to do that is by not using any products for some time and allow the skin to breathe. Begin to do this at night (ideally 12 of the 24 hrs) so at least half the time is spent in repair mode. To simplify the routine and reduce chances for potential inflammation or reaction, just use rose hip seed oil (the #1 anti-wrinkle available) all over the face, neck and under eye areas. You can mix it with a couple drops of jojoba oil (which is very similar to your own skin’s sebum) and/or coconut oil (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial) – these will absorb in well while truly healing, rejuvenating, and youthening the skin. Lay off the regular skincare products and hydrate your skin simply.

With regard to makeup, you’re right, the goal is to get to a place of comfort where you can where it by CHOICE and not because you feel you have to. Big difference! By applying the advice just above, you will bring yourself to this place. Check out the Cosmetics Database for natural options. I searched all over the net, reading blogs & insights from those who claim they’ve bought non-toxic makeup, and most are just swayed by the wording on labels or totally unknowing of the REAL downside of the ingredients in products their recommending. Looks like the ingredients of the products I viewed on this site are the best available.

I’d like to mention that when I was previously retailing and wholesaling my raw Superfood herbal skincare line, I joined the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Interestingly, I was not screened well and could have given them any information I wanted just to become a member. When I joined Green America – I was scrutinized in the best way and I totally appreciated this!

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