2011’s Top 10 Grateful List

I haven’t posted in months and yet have been making notes of blog ideas for potential upcoming posts. Which topic do I write on 1st? Gratitude is always a good place to start and with 2011 melting into the past and 2012 upon us, what could be more relevant than a years overview of gratitude?

This has been an “interesting” (aka: challenging) year for some and whether or not you consider yourself 1 of them, there are always plenty of reasons to count your blessings and show some appreciation for what ya have.

My Top 10 Grateful List for 2011 (“I am grateful for…”)

1) Formulating the best version of my Chocolate Goldies to date. They have reached a milestone in terms of quality, flavor, texture, and outrageously positive feedback. I’m very proud and excited for their future. I created what I wanted myself, and everyone else cannot get enough!

2) My ability to show & speak my love without resistance. Even when my super strong 75 lb dog was in a heated stand-off with 2 disgruntled & defensive 1200-1500 lb cows on Christmas day at the beach (I know, very random LOL), I ran to his defense to save him from what was an imminent disaster. Scary as hell, but all out of love. Real love overrides, I’m convinced.

3) All the people I learn from: self-development gurus / authors / speakers, women entrepreneurs making a big difference, cutting edge nutrition superstars & colleagues, and those that continue to spread the message they are here to share. Shine your light; I am listening.

4) Listening to my inner guidance which of course resulted in a saving grace at the last possible second when looking for a new place to live earlier this summer. The synchronicity & goodness of it all is absurd; as it turns out, my new next door neighbor is the man behind the #1 nutritional bar in history (and continues to be today); his experience and generous insights have given us valuable perspective. And, we have a cozy space to live & an ideal space to grow food, for now. Yay!

5) My organic edible vegetable garden, which has changed my life for the better forever. It’s the best health decision I have ever made. I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my emotional and physical health.

6) The body I have, the health I’ve earned, the mindset I’ve adopted, the attitude I’ve embraced, the life I’m creating, the positive impact I’ve had, and the continual discoveries I make about myself.

7) The immense support I received after a big & hairy change took place in my professional life at the very beginning of this year. Emails, messages & letters poured in with love, gratitude, positive mojo, blessings, and shifts in perspective. Thank you! I came to a deeper understanding w/ more clarity of all that I’m here to contribute and how I can best serve others (aiming to have a positive global impact seeking to uplift mankind). Much more on this in 2012…

8) The thoughtful email I received from a friend which led to a series of mini-miracles and extraordinary experiences ultimately connecting me with the inspiring mentor & coach I’ve been seeking for years. All because I trusted my intuition and acted on it. No coincidences folks!

9) The clients I’ve attracted into my life. Ideal would be the best word to describe these women. If you’re a coach or practitioner, you know how important it is to work with those you WANT to work with. I love their commitment to themselves & that they inspire me, too!

10) My faith and trust in this next year to be exploding with ridiculous synchronicities, abundance, magic, miracles, love, peace, joy, well-being, unity, transformation, and transcendence. 2012 is the year it comes together my friends!


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