Annmarie Gianni’s Skincare Products Review (2 of 3)

In the 1st review, I shared my TOP 3 picks – my personal favorites that blew me away. If you missed my 1st review for Annmarie Gianni’s skincare line, read it here! Below I share the ones I adore for using together as part of a daily regimen. Use the gentle facial scrub first, then spritz with the toning mist, and apply the anti-aging oil just after for a flawless finish.

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

The wonderful thing about a facial scrub is that if you find one gentle enough, you can use it daily to cleanse and exfoliate with amazing results. What I really like about this scrub is that it’s unique; many facial scrubs in the raw beauty industry are nothing more than crushed almonds and oats, but Annmarie has used fenugreek seeds, lavender flowers, and the leaves of various herbs to create a texture that actually FEELS like you’re getting a good scrub without even coming close to being irritating. Love this one!

You likely already know the multitude of benefits for exfoliating your skin, but I will share with you my top 3 reasons to use a facial scrub regularly:

1) Nourish and re-mineralize your face at the same time
2) Slough off dead skin cells to reveal a brighter appearance
3) You can indulge in what feels like a mini spa experience without leaving your home

Neroli Toning Mist

Neroli Toning Mist


I think this product may not have gotten the love and attention it deserved when I first received it. Why? Well, I made the silly assumption that it was just a light spritzer and wouldn’t really do much for my skin or mood. Oh how I was wrong! I love being wrong about these things.

What changed? I moved earlier this month and during the long packing process I found myself stashing the Neroli Toning Mist in an easily accessible area so I could refresh and have a moment of replenishment among the chaos of moving. What I noticed after every time of using it was that my mood was instantly lifted – my stress started to vanish – and the “chaos” felt more like pure excitement! How could this be?! Neroli is THE aroma for lifting moods, bringing a frowning face to a smiling face, and raising the vibe wherever it’s sprayed. I sprayed it all over the place, even in my hair!

So, I went through the ENTIRE bottle in 1 week. I used it after I applied the Aloe Herb Cleanser and before the Facial Oils as well as throughout the day at home and in the car (brought it with me in my tote bag). The Neroli Toning Mist soothes the skin, cools you off during the warmer days of summer, and brings your skin back to perfect balance. Yes, please! I’ll take some of that.


Ant-Aging Facial Oil

Anti-aging Facial Oil

A girl’s gatta have an “anti-aging” / youth-enhancing facial oil – if she’s serious about taking really good care of her skin. In comparing this facial oil with the other one Annmarie offers (the herbal one, to be reviewed in the 3rd review), I did my due diligence to find what makes this one deserve the term anti-aging. Firstly, it delivers everything it offers and that’s super important when seeking out a product that can help turn back time in your favor. Here’s why:

The Anti-Aging Facial Oil is LOADED WITH SUPER HIGH ANTIOXIDANT COMMON and EXOTIC FRUIT OILS. It’s absurdly high in antioxidants – the list goes on forever! – and has the highest antioxidant value of any topical facial skincare product available. What this means for you:

1) The health of your skin will begin to look and feel dramatically better, healthier, and youthful.
2) The more antioxidants you put ON your skin, the less likely you are to burn from the Sun
3) It IS possible to stay looking young and to reverse poor signs of aging due to those nasty free radicals in your body

I love, love, love this facial oil! I like using it undiluted, straight on my face, as well as added to extra virgin coconut oil to really spread it far and wide. Just mix several drops of the facial oil in 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and spread over your face, neck, chest, breasts, etc if you choose to do it this way – there’s no “right” way – just experiment and have fun lookin’ younger!

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  1. Thank you Bethanne, so happy to hear how much you are enjoying the products!

    And I love love love the way you write! So fun and free just as you are 🙂

    If you or any one reading this has any questions about the products please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Much Love,
    Annmarie Gianni

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