Skincare Product Review – “Best Skin Ever” by Living Libations

Best Skin Ever - Lavish Abundance

The name “Best Skin Ever” really nails it – it IS the ultimate product for beauty and giving a girl (and cool men, too) what she really wants – beautiful skin! It’s the product you’d choose if you want 1 bottle that is filled to the brim with a magic beauty potion resulting in instantly gorgeous skin that sparkles. It’s for all the Goddesses out there and delivers a sexy, smooth glimmer to every face I’ve seen it on.

This product delivers like NOTHING ELSE I have ever used, and this says a lot especially considering my background. To briefly explain, I used to formulate and sell my own skincare line: a raw, Superfood-loaded, herbal-infused handcrafted edible skincare line (previously known as “Organic Healing”) and exhibited at many events (incl Raw Spirit, Green Festival, etc) from 2007-2009 (now I just sell to private clients and via request). Ever since, there’s been an array of product lines securing their spot in the pure beauty industry.

Living Libations has been around for a long time and Nadine Artemis, is a genius formulator. In person (and on video), she glows. She embraces youth. She beams with radiance. You can just tell by her essence that she is living a pure life, infusing love and magic into her skincare potions, and offering the very best she can. She must get downloads from angels  And – she makes her own stuff – which is not common in the skincare industry (most people private label)…

Best Skin Ever - Vanilla

Best Skin Ever is top dog. It’s #1 in my book of everything I’ve ever tried. It’s so effective at leaving your skin flawless – and I mean FLAWLESS – that I was jaw-dropped stunned when I first began using it. And – I am extremely particular, nit-picky, and critical when it comes to products.

If you have rosacea, dry skin, poor signs of aging (wrinkles, lines……) or just look somewhat drab and need a natural face lift – just a FEW DROPS of Best Skin Ever will begin to turn it all around. This is certainly one of those products where a *little* goes a long way. I personally use 2 light pumps and that’s plenty to apply to my face and neck when using it as a moisturizer.

You can use Best Skin Ever as a face wash, a moisture replenisher, or even as an exfoliant.

Best Skin Ever - Chocolate

Best Skin Ever gives you INSTANT SHINE and IMMEDIATE GLOW – and that is no exaggeration! I am willing to stand by that promise whether you choose from any of the flavors she gifts us with: Lavish Abundance, Chocolate, Seabuckthorn, and Vanilla.

I have to be honest; after seeing the simple line-up of ingredients for Best Skin Ever I thought I may be able to duplicate it, but to my dismay – I haven’t be able to. I LOVE that! I’m convinced that Nadine sprinkles her extraordinarily unique magical fairy dust and super special potions of brilliance into her product line. Whatever it is, it’s untouchable and un-able to be created by anyone other than her. Yet, of all her yummy products, Best Skin Ever stands out above the rest.

Honestly, the most difficult thing about ordering Best Skin Ever is choosing which one you want to start with – at least for me that’s been the case. Once I tried it, I was hooked right from the start. Best Skin Ever is my first choice – the one I cannot find ANY reason to go without, the one that I trust will take away any stress I’m wearing on my face. And, it comes in the cutest, loveliest bottle, ever.

♥ ♥ If you’d like to order any of the Living Libations magnificant skin and body care, including Best Skin Ever, you can order through Living Earth Beauty or direct at Living Libations. ♥ ♥

You will not be disappointed. And, do your best to not run out. I’ve run out before and my skin readily shows it. No matter what I create on my own, I can imagine using Best Skin Ever, always – it’s just too good to stop (and that speaks volumes).

Watch Nadine share TIPS for The Best Skin Ever here:


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