Annmarie Gianni’s Skincare Products Review (1 of 3)

I’m totally in love with beauty products. Super natural ones, extremely pure ones, and brilliantly formulated ones. For a girl like me, Annmarie Gianni’s truly natural skincare is a dream come true! For all the Goddesses out there who are mindful of what they put into and onto their body, I can guarantee you 1 thing: you will ADORE Annmarie’s products.

Over the past couple months I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to put most of her products to the test on my own sensitive skin. I’ve picked out 3 in particular that I’m head over heels for (listed below) and the rest – all of which are outstanding as well – in the following 2 blog posts that will all post before the end of June.

Are you as excited to read this review as I am to write it?! 🙂

Before I jump into the products I’m crazy for, it’s worth mentioning that I’m an extremely tough critic when it comes to skin and body care down to the very finest details. I have extraordinarily high standards and expectations, and refuse to put anything on my skin that I cannot also spoon into my mouth. As some of you already know, I am a formulator, having my own handcrafted edible herbal and superfood-infused products – and there are very few other lines, other than my own, that meet my ridiculous standards – Annmarie’s being 1.

Aloe Herb Cleanser

Drumroll, please – for my Top 3 Picks!

I have waited my entire life for this cleanser. And, I know that some of you reading this have been anxiously awaiting the answer to the question every girl asks: What’s the best natural cleanser out there? Believe me, this is a BIG deal to find one that actually meets all the criteria and works for all skin types. No doubt about it, I have found it.

This cleanser is sooo soothing and light, and leaves your skin feeling soft and like it’s been gently cleansed (it has!). It doesn’t leave your skin squeeky clean like we wanted decades ago (misinformation anyway) and it doesn’t leave any residue or feel heavy. With all other natural cleansers I’ve ever tried (yes, ever), there was something not appealing or satisfying about the texture and/or application. With the Aloe Herb Cleanser, it’s easy to spread on your beautiful face and neck, and doesn’t foam (meaning it’s without unnatural foaming agents).

The base is organic aloe vera juice that’s been infused with deeply nourishing organic herbs, which compounds the beneficial effects of cleansing with the juice. It almost feels like an aloe vera juice based light lotion that you’re putting on. My favorite Aloe Amor contains herbs that are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial – meaning it will help to clear up your skin, rid your face of acne, and will most definitely lessen the appearance of bigger pores.

I went a LONG time without a regular cleanser. I’ve been using facial masks and scrubs for so long because I couldn’t find, or make one myself, that was perfect. No natural beauty product lover should be without this one. I could rave about this one for much longer, but it’s time to move on!


Honey Coconut Mask

Dear Honey Coconut Mask, how I love thee! This is the Mask to use if your skin is feeling and looking drab, or showing its age more than you’d like – the Honey Coconut Mask will re-hydrate your skin back to its natural youthful radiance. I love this Mask because even though powdered masks that you mix with a liquid are amazing, this one is ready to use (reminiscent of the non-natural ones), composed of a short list of pure ingredients that are packed full of enzymes, and that smells like you should be applying it on your tropical island getaway. So luscious!

This age-defying Mask spreads so smoothly and evenly over your face and neck, so apply it once per week if you have normal skin and 2 times or more if you have dry skin. The Honey Coconut Mask is perfect for days when you’ve been exposed to high heat and the Sun (maybe even more than you’d like) and you want to stop any negative effects from happening. Why? Because you will instantly soothe, replenish lost moisture, and infuse the layers of your skin with loads of vitamins and amino acids – and in turn, you’ll look refreshed, youthful, and restored. Expect SUPER SILKY and SUPER SMOOTH skin!

And, don’t deprive your hands (which are 1 of the 1st areas to show poor signs of aging) and feet – use the Mask to soften them, too!


Coconut Body Oil

Every woman needs to have a lotion or body oil that she can count on, whether she keeps it in her bathroom, bedroom, or in her bag, it has to be one that will definitely do the job of keeping her skin radiant and healthy. Enter: Annmarie’s Coconut Body Oil – my new favorite body oil that absorbs in so well you’d never know it was an oil. That’s important right? No one wants to look like they’ve layered on some oily skin potion that claims to do wonders, but leaves your body drenched and heavy!

It’s light, aromatic, and infused with herbs that are excellent for circulation (bye, bye varicose veins and weird ugly lines!). Among all my friends who have tried Annmarie’s line, this is always the 1st product they bring up and go “ga-ga” for. There is not 1 nasty or unhealthy ingredient (in her whole line actually), and is so versatile that you can even apply it to your face – daily – while you’re at it.

I think there may be a gross underestimation of the importance regarding the secret of using oils that have been infused with herbs for the face and body. Truly a secret, and anyone who knows it – swears by it. You’re not just getting coconut oil – which is fabulous just on its own – you’re getting an additional plethora of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and herbal compounds that absorb right through your skin and work to turn back the clock. Herbs are magical, whether you consume them by mouth or through your skin – you will profoundly benefit!

I personally find myself applying the Coconut Body Oil several times per day – at least somewhere – nearly every time I walk by it strategically placed on my bathroom counter. I suggest you do the same 🙂

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