Annmarie Gianni’s Skincare Products Review (3 of 3)

At last, the 3rd and final review of Annmarie Gianni’s Skin Care line! If you missed the others, read the 1st review here and the 2nd review here. In all honesty, this line is by far 1 of my very favorite lines in existence and I will continue to use Annmarie’s products!

Herbal Facial Oil

Herbal Facial Oil

Herbs are extremely powerful forces of Nature that offer us a wide-spectrum of nutrients and antioxidants, whether taken internally or applied externally. What I adore about the Herbal Facial Oil is that it is INFUSED with dozens of gentle, yet potent herbs that provide deep healing, nourishment, and regeneration to my skin. Its effectiveness is visually apparent; what I personally notice is that my face LOOKS SOFTER.

I reviewed the Anti-Aging Facial Oil in my 2nd review of Annmarie’s line and I have to say that it’s really difficult to choose a favorite between the two. They complement each other so well, so I have been rotating them every other day. The thing is, the Herbal Facial Oil IS anti-aging, and the Anti-Aging Facial Oil IS infused with herbs – so I suggest trying them both and seeing what feels best on your own skin.

You cannot go wrong with either of these facial oils that never seems to irritate sensitive skin! Annmarie offers 2 Herbal Facial Oils: one for normal and combination skin, and another for oily and acne prone skin. I tested the one for normal/combination skin but based upon the ingredient list for the acne prone skin oil, those blemishes don’t stand a chance!

The BENEFITS of the Herbal Facial Oil Include:
• Balancing out combination skin
• Soothing sensitive skin
• Restoring your youthful glow


Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-Aging Serum

I’ve always wondered whether or not serums are actually a necessary part of a skin care regimen, in addition to facial oils. I’m so happy I had the chance to experience this one so I could test and experience it myself! Serums are very targeted in their mission toward healing the skin and reversing poor signs of aging by increasing skin moisture. The Anti-Aging Serum is filled to the brim with super natural, organic, and wildcrafted herbal extracts and oils that offer a synergistic youthening blend.

It’s high in the essential fatty acids your skin needs to look soft, supple, and glowing. This Serum contains Life Everlasting which promotes longevity and regeneration of our skin cells. I love that you don’t have to use very much, therefore allowing the bottle to last a long time! You can use it like a spot-treatment, or spread it all over your beautiful face just prior to any of the facial oils.

The Anti-Aging Serum is ideal for mature and dry skin (who isn’t going to say they don’t have that?) 😉


Purifying Mud Mask

Purifying Mud Mask

Don’t let the short list of ingredients in this one fool you! The variety of clays are so extraordinary individually, that together, they are magic for the skin! Throw in some blue green algae and you have an all-time winning combo.

Powdered masks are amazing because all you need to do is mix them with an equal amount of water, swirl into a paste, and apply. They are easy and ideal to travel with and serve many purposes (cleansing, detoxifying, removing heavy metals, decreasing pore size, etc).  Clays are known to draw out toxins, accumulated poisons, dirt, excess oil, and congestion from the pores of your skin. They suck the bad stuff out and leave you with a clean slate – often not an easy thing to accomplish on a deep level even with a good cleanser.

I keep a small ceramic shell in my shower and shake some of the clay mask in it, add water, stir with my finger, apply, and leave on for the duration of my shower. Works wonders! Apply the Purifying Mud Mask to your face AND neck (no old women chicken necks around here!) once per week if you have normal skin, and more often with oily, and less often with real dry skin.

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