Mixed Berry Goji Jam

I’ve always wanted to make my own jam – my style – RAW and without white cane sugar like most store bought jams & jellies. I searched and asked around how other health-conscious enthusiasts make theirs, and was inspired to whip one up focusing all the mixed berries in season during summer.

The recipe here was an experiment for a friend who loves my stone ground almond butter that we swirl with raw wildcrafted honey; the jam turned out wonderful and we both loved it!

Enjoy this high-antioxidant jam:

by the spoonful
as the fruit layer in a pie
as part of a nut butter sandwich
swirled together with almond butter in a bowl
as 1 layer in a chilled homemade goey energy bar

Mixed Berry Goji Jam

*everything should be organic or wildcrafted!

Makes approx 18 ounces

2.5 cups mixed fresh OR thawed and strained frozen strawberries, raspberries, and/or blueberries
8 pitted dates (to taste)
small handful dried (or fresh) goji berries
2 T raw wild honey
1 – 2 T lucuma powder (a Peruvian low-glycemic berry)
Pinch of sea salt


Optional: Few drops of your chosen medicine extract from Medicine Flower (I used blueberry): http://www.medicineflower.com/flavorextracts.html

Directions: Process in a food processor for several minutes until everything is well-blended. Scoop into glass jars and store in fridge.

This jam is so light, sweet, and fragrant! If you’d like a more TART jam, use Inca Berries instead of goji berries.

I used the full amount listed for lucuma, but do know that you will be able to taste the powder in the texture just a bit, so if you want to avoid that, use a smaller amount.

Jams are higher in sugar, so be mindful of this when consuming them. I usually do not eat dates very often, but decided to give this a recipe a try WITH them, and will try another version without them. It’s preferable to make your own jams and jellies so you know exactly what goes in them, and you can load it up with high antioxidant organic fruits and organic raw sweeteners so it is balanced.

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