Love Yourself Healthy

Believe in yourself – your health, and
everything else, will naturally fall into place.

I could end the post there, but because it will be so gratifying for both of us, I’ll continue 😉 I’m reading the book, Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, by Caroline Myss and she writes in such a way that it’s worth quoting her directly (in bold):

How we feel about ourselves, whether we respect ourselves, determines the quality of our life, our capacity to succeed in healing.

In truth, if we do not like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions. Instead, we will direct all of our personal power for decision-making into the hands of someone else: someone whom we want to impress, or someone before whom we think we must weaken ourselves to gain physical security.

It’s often likely that we will hand over our decision-making ability to the medical community, our doctor who “knows best”, or family member who speaks with conviction about what we should do.

Belief in oneself is required for healing. (Yes, yes, yes!!)

Before I realized the significance of self-esteem for developing intuitive skills, I would have stated that faith is  the most important factor in healing. I now equate faith with self-esteem and personal power, because low self-esteen reflects back one’s lack of faith in oneself as well as in the powers of the unseen world.

An empowered sense of self can also develop in stages, over the course of our lives, in a series of mini-initiations. Every time we advance in self-esteem, even in a small measure, we have to change something about our external dynamics. This is where food, lifestyle, and healthy living choices can be positively influenced! We have the choice and the ripple effect takes over.

P.S. Don’t just let this be another positive message you receive, only to discard. Think about it… are you really lovin’ yourself the way you deserve?

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