Coconut Blueberry Edible Body Butter (w/ Recipe)

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Each day seems to be bringing more sun and warmer days and I am loving every minute of it! I’m spending more time in the Sun outside on my deck each day and using this simple homemade body butter as a natural tanner, sun protector, and moisture replenisher. If you’re like me and enjoy time outside, consider protecting your skin before and after exposure.

Want to look young, tan, radiant, and glowing? Get the Glow “a la natural”. This butter is especially excellent for mature, dry and sun-exposed skin and allows you to maintain your youthful look easily. If you want to look and feel super smooth, silky and glowing on your face and body, you’ll adore this easy to whip up edible love butter.


Heaping Spoonfuls of Coconut Oil

Ideal for:
– your gorgeous face
– your hot curvy body
– underneath your eyes
– your achy feet and hands
– dry, peeling & sun-kissed skin
– nails and cuticles
– massaging your lover
– those with eczema & psoriasis (and other skin troubles)

Coconut Blueberry Edible Body Butter

* 7-8 tablespoons softened organic extra virgin coconut oil
* 4-5 tablespoons melted organic raw cacao butter (start with 4 unless it’s HOT out)
* few drops each of blueberry and dark chocolate medicinal flower extracts (aka flavor extracts)

You do not have to use these exact measurements to handcraft a perfect body butter. Use a ratio of approx 4:2 (coconut oil: cacao butter), depending upon how thick you’d like it to be and how warm your home is inside.

Whip in Blender; Will Look Oily

Blend on the LOWEST setting in the Vita-Mix for just a few seconds, until you’ve reached a whipped consistency. Use a silicon spatula to pour the oil into a dark amber glass jar and allow to “set” (room temperature overnight or in the fridge if you cannot wait to use it). Slather your body with your creation… love every moment… feel sexy… and give yourself the love you deserve.

Store at room temperature and remember, it may soften during high heat and that’s the beauty of raw body care made without emulsifying agents and thickeners. Give the recipe a test-run and adjust amounts to your liking. You can always keep it in the fridge if you, but it’s not required.


Final Product, Make as Much as You Desire

The company, Medicine Flower, offers tons of flower extracts (that can be used for culinary & external purposes). I just happen to love blueberry and dark chocolate together for the butter I made today.

I also love using fig, orange, lemon, hazelnut, almond, vanilla, coconut, and coffee extracts. Mmmm, they are dee-lish in elixirs, smoothies, chocolates, and body butters. The extracts are super concentrated, so you’ll use need just a few drops max to create a perfectly sensual and aromatic self-love gift.

If you liked this recipe & want more just like it, check out my Homemade Edible Skincare” recipe packet!

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