Bali Chocolate Energy Shake

Bali Chocolate Energy Shake

For today, we are servin’ up energizing liquid nutrition at its’ best! This one is a creamy chocolate + vanilla pleaser – great for someone who wants to make a healthier version of the standard milkshake and ideal as a replacement for the daily cup of coffee!

Bali Chocolate Energy Shake

Makes 6-7 cups, enough to serve several friends!

1 cup hemp seeds
3.5 cups spring water
1/4+ cup organic coconut sugar crystals (or to taste)
2 T raw cacao powder
1 T softened coconut oil
1 – 1.5 T raw maca powder
1 teaspoon wildcrafted vanilla bean powder
handful of Balinese sweetened cacao nibs (raw)
several pinches sea salt
pinches of organic stevia powder

Blend all ingredients on high until creamy and smooth. Add several ice cubes (made with spring water) and re-blend. Serve chilled and sprinkle with vanilla bean powder and/or Balinese sweetened cacao nibs if you like. It tastes amazing real cold on a warm spring day! With hemp seed mylk, you do not need to strain the seeds out because they blend up so well, which is why everything can be blended up together for a quick super charged shake on the go!

BALINESE SWEETENED CACAO NIBS? Yes, you got that right! If you’ve tried regular ole’ raw cacao nibs and felt they tasted too bitter to chomp on straight or in trail mix or they weren’t as flavorful as you’d hoped for – the Balinese Sweetened Cacao Nibs will deliver just what you’re looking for! WAAAAY better than regular cacao nibs in my opinion (but I like them sweet n’ bitter). And… if you want the sweetness without using coconut sugar for whatever reason, you can make your own homemade sweetened ones with birch xylitol. Mmmm 🙂

– crushed organic cacao beans
– organic coconut palm nectar
– sea salt

* For this shake, I sourced all ingredients (except the vanilla bean powder, salt & stevia) from Earth Circle Organics. This is one of the few companies I trust that sells truly raw products when they market them as raw. It’s important if you are searching out the best products and ingredients ever and expect them to be unprocessed!

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4 comments on “Bali Chocolate Energy Shake

  1. This looks fantastic! I have not used Hemp Seeds in smoothie before and before and can’t wait to try this! Also, thanks much for the tip on the Earth Circle Organics. Have a great week!

  2. Can’t wait to try this shake. It sounds yummy with hemp seeds and maca. I love Earth Circle Organics also. Thanks for spreading the word as I also think they are a great company from my research. Somewhere I heard that you make a tea with 30 ingredients… things like mushrooms and other super herbs. Can you share more about this in one of your postings. I’d love that. I make a tea with Reishi, astragalas, fo-ti, jujube, turkey tail (wildcrafted in our backyard) pau d’ arco and cat’s claw. This is what I have right now. It changes from time to time. blessings…

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