Mango Coconut Chocolate Pudding With Local Bee Pollen

Mango Coconut Chocolate Pudding

I’m on a pudding mission. You’ll likely see a series of pudding posts in the near future as I share with you my experiments in the kitchen. I’ll be playing around with different sweeteners and taking the basic raw food pudding recipes to the next Superhero level, as you know I like to do with everything (I call it ‘up-leveling’).

I am in love with ripe mangoes. I feel conflicted that they are shipped from Peru considering most everything else I eat is local, but every once in a while when I can’t stand it anymore, I buy a few and relish in their juicy goodness and the serious satisfaction it brings me.

Fresh coconut water is a staple and I am determined to use coconut meat more often, in both sweet dishes and as the noodles for mock pasta. This to me, is an ideal fat that brings enormous benefits.

Note: This is NOT a dish made with local ingredients. An exception for me but I like to play and have fun with tropical foods, which are some of my favorites.

Mango Coconut Chocolate Pudding

* 2 medium ripe avocados
* 1 ripe mango, using the whole fruit minus the pit
* coconut meat from 1 Thai coconut
* 1/4 cup (or less) spring water or fresh coconut water (use just enough water to keep blades running to blend smoothly, but not too much)
* 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder (use carob for variety and if preferred)
* few pinches sea salt (do not leave this out!)
* sweeteners of choice (I used 1 spoonful raw, local wild blackberry honey + 1 date + 1 teaspoon birch xylitol + several sprinkles of organic stevia extract powder)
* dark chocolate medicine flower extract

Up-level: 1-3 teaspoons Longevity in a Bottle or Goji Joy (2 of my favorite superfood powder blends) with bee pollen on top!

Blend on high in a Vita-Mix and use the tamper/plunger to smoosh the pudding into the blades. Taste test and adjust. I found myself needing to add a teeny bit more sea salt and surprisingly more stevia powder to really bring it to that flavor of packaged pudding cups I had as a kid. A few shakes should do it..

Sprinkle with a local bee pollen to really up-level the nutrient-density! Keep your eye out for an informative post on bee pollen next… it used to be part of my health routine, then sadly in the past year or two found myself having allergic reactions to it (heart palpitations), and now I am working it back in (training my body to adapt at the suggestion of a friend who produces the best organic raw royal jelly on the planet and must say it brings a feeling of complete nutrition in every morsel! You could even sprinkle the royal jelly on the pudding…

Sweeteners: I personally have not eaten dates in well over a year, until very recently to see how my body responds to that high level of sugar. I give my body long breaks from certain foods, eat a variety of ways and switch things up pretty often, fine tune what works and what doesn’t for me, and continue to evolve. My preferred sweeteners are raw local honey and stevia, and whenever I eat my partner in love‘s delectable creations, it undoubtedly has birch xylitol and stevia in it (he’s MASTERED the no/low glycemic version of everything).

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4 comments on “Mango Coconut Chocolate Pudding With Local Bee Pollen

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  2. Puddings are such a fun way to eat and I love the concept of up-leveling.

    Stevia and xylitol are my go-to’s also. If I still had bees, I might do a tiny bit of honey.

    Living in Alaska, it’s very hard to have bees make it through the summer (and I’m not even sure it’s fair), and it’s also been very humbling for me: it’s forced me to let go of the strictness around eating local, to forgive myself for doing my best for myself even living in the sub-Arctic! Tropical fruits are a rarity, but it’s good to welcome sunshine into our life however we can.

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