Medicinal Mushroom Next-Level Quinoa

For those of you who eat some warm cooked food throughout the fall and winter (or any time of year), you will love this recipe! When you are applying heat to anything, be mindful – cook only with the Saladmaster pots and pans that will not leach metal into your food. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Applying heat and lightly cooking is fine and preferred by many; allow yourself to do so in the most health-conscious way available.

I am not a direct seller of Saladmaster, but you can find one near you via their ‘contact us’ page.

This recipe offers your body extremely tonifying, nutritive, and grounding support to encourage a sense of balance from within.

Medicinal Mushroom Quinoa

Medicinal Mushroom Next-Level Quinoa

1 cup quinoa (soaked, rinsed, sprouted)
1.5 cups spring water
1/2 teaspoon Chaga extract powder
1/2 teaspoon Reishi extract powder
1/2 teaspoon Lion’s Mane extract powder
1/2 -1 teaspoon of Vitamineral Earth
2-3 pinches sea salt

Add a strip of kombu to the cooking water to infuse your quinoa with magic minerals.

Bring the ingredients listed above to a rolling boil. Turn the heat down immediately to the lowest setting and simmer gently for 15 minutes. Peek to check that most of the water has been absorbed and if not, heat for another minute. If so, turn the heat off and let sit for 3-10 minutes.

Preparing the the quinoa this way will be it a real distinct taste. You may want to first make the recipe with just salt and Earth in the cooking water, and add the mushrooms powders in AFTER you’ve cooked it.

Fluff with fork and add:

drizzle of Coconut Secret’s Coconut Aminos (soy-free seasoning sauce)
swirl of extra virgin organic olive oil

* Add only as much mushrooms powders as your palate will enjoy. If you’ve added too much for your liking, add more plain quinoa to dilute it down.

* Add another shake of Vitamineral Earth if you want to feel extra grounded and receive deeper nourishment. Add Earth to your liking and taste – start small and work up. Snip some dulse in the your dish for even more metabolism-boosting minerals.

* Layer on fresh, local, in-season vegetables such as chopped leafy greens (love kale in this recipe!) and herbs (love parsley), bell peppers, cucumbers, onion, and garlic. Adding a few slices of avocado will really take this one to the next level of belly satisfaction.

Follow this recipe as I’ve described it OR follow the basic recipe and layer on more of the optional suggestions as you want and have available to you. The picture above is the untra-grounding basic recipe without any veggies added in yet.

To sprout, put the quinoa in a large mason jar with enough water to cover it and soak for several hours, then turn upside down and allow excess water to drain. Keep the jar upside down and rinse by adding water in again, 2 times per day, and drain. I take between 2 hours and 1 full day to do this, just depending. No official rules on this for me.

Cozy up on the couch wrapped in blankets next to a wood-burning stove and serve warm in a beautiful ceramic bowl.

There are 2 ways to cook any grain dish: 1) in a metal or aluminum pot with tap or filtered water and without any Superfood amendments (while possibly overheating/cooking), or 2) in a Saladmaster pot with spring water and with tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and Superfoods (while heating for the shortest time needed). Recognize the difference?

Use mushroom mycelium capsules or powders.

You can buy the Vitamineral Earth from HealthForce:

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  1. For those of us who does not sprout a lot it would be of great help just to write in two lines how and how long it takes to sprout the Quinoa

  2. this sounds really interesting but I have not ventured into the world of medicinal mushrooms as of yet. Could you suggest some sources to procure these mushrooms?


    • Sure – it’s the same resource I mention in the article… Host Defense is the brand and can be found on Fungi Perfecti’s website, or at natural food stores as well. They have some of the highest quality mushroom powders I’ve found.

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