Coconut Goji Vanilla Cookies

This is our go-to healthy, kid-friendly raw cookie recipe in our house! I love infusing everything with superfoods as you know, and the versatility of easy dessert recipes that can turn into more alchemical creations with the layers you add makes it an excellent default recipe.

My daughter (currently 17.5 months) absolutely loves them, and I make smaller ones for her about 1/2 the size of the ones pictured (or just cut these in half). It’s an incredibly easy way to get them to eat green superfood powders, wild blue green algae, and any other nutrient-dense potion that all kids may not enjoy straight.

I find that recipes like this make it super easy to demonstrate that high level nutrition is a delicious approach for children, and they will not resist if it’s the kind of dessert that’s 1st given to them, opposed to crappy packaged non-organic highly processed cookies like I was raised on.


1.5 cups raw coconut shreds
1.5 cups gluten-free oats (Bob’s red mill brand)
10 medjool dates, pitted
sprinkle of raisins (if you omit this, then add a couple more dates)
1 teaspoon Goji Joy (goji berry extract by Longevity Power)
1 teaspoon Vitamineral Green (superfood green powder by HealthForce)
few drops organic vanilla flavor OR 1/2 tsp ground vanilla bean
pinches of high quality sea salt (Eden brand)

Place everything in the food processor and process for 10-30 seconds, checking often. You do not want to over-process this. I tend to lift the processor up and down a few times while it’s going to be sure it’s getting it all mixed up (or maybe that’s just a weird chef habit, ha!)


1/4 cup local organic raw honey
1/4 cup extra virgin organic raw coconut oil (not melted, but easy to scoop consistency) or softened cultured local organic raw butter (depending on your diet)

Whip these together in a small bowl until there’s no clumps and it’s mixed well. Then add:

1/8 teaspoon superfood or herbal powder of choice (goji berry extract, raw chocolate powder, spirulina, wild blue green algae, hibiscus – any colorful powders!)
1 tablespoon melted organic raw cacao butter
pinch of ground vanilla bean or vanilla extract or flavoring
tiny pinch of high quality sea salt

Continue whipping! Spread onto cookies that have been rolled into balls and pressed flat with your palm into a cookie shape on a wooden cutting board. Smear the frosting on, and pop them in the freezer to chill while you clean up (lick the frosting bowl..).

This frosting recipe is inspired by one that the Light Cellar shared on YouTube (check them out for tons of amazing upgraded meal ideas). I started using this frosting recipe about a year ago and it’s our most favorite one by far, SO good! If you have leftover frosting, eat it straight or store in the fridge for a treat later on 🙂

Our favorite superfoods to include for kid-friendly recipes like this come from Longevity Power and HealthForce. Both companies offer the highest integrity, most potent (zero fillers / binders / sugars / preservatives), and quality superfood blends available. I would much prefer to support small businesses that hold the right mindset in caring for our earth + bodies than ones that are in super mass production mode!

Feel free to use the code ediblegoddess at to receive a special discount on your tonic herbs and high level superfoods

Thanks so much for reading! It’s incredibly important that we prioritize the health of our children in a world that makes it too easy to not do so. It matters, SO MUCH! It can be time-consuming and take effort, as all the really good things in life do. It’s always worth it. The kids we know now are our future! They do not have to be neglected, ill, irrational in mind (stemming from refined sugar), and genetically modified.

Please share with friends that want to include super healthy snack and dessert choices for their kiddos! 🙂 Even spreading the message to one family helps to create a lasting impact that cannot be seen since it ripples out beyond what we know. How magnificent! Send it off with beautiful wishes for a healthier + happier planet for all.

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