You’re here because you want to THRIVE in all aspects of life. Crushing it in one area is awesome, though it won’t be nearly as cool as experiencing it with exceptional health. When you feel AMAAAZING – everything is significantly better.


It starts by fine tuning your intuition, and that can only be done with a clear vessel where your body and mind are tapped into Infinite Intelligence and able to receive the messages meant for you to hear. Once this is in place, you’ll know how to eat intuitively and be able to follow your own inner wisdom as opposed to opinions of others and online diet dogma that is prevalent everywhere.

optimal health
happy hormones
clear, soft + beautiful skin
to look younger than you are
increased energy naturally
emotional well-being
connection to your intuition
a wholesome approach

then – you’re in the right place my friend.

I guide health-conscious women all over our beautiful world who have reached a plateau in their physical or spiritual health and that want to upgrade life to the real deal next level.

My magic method?

Feasting on high vibrational nutrition. TOGETHER.

In my 14+ years of following and embodying a super holistic progressive lifestyle, I know this to be an absolute truth:

Your Health is Your Wealth. You can have everything else but it will be compromised without HEALTH.

You may have heard it before, but now it’s time to really take decisive action and live it. And, we can have fun doing so!

It’s time to:

Let go of your health challenges. Decide you’re ready to do this.
Let go of not having enough energy to do the things you want to do.
Let go of feeling okay, and feel AMAAAZING instead (because that’s normal).

How would this feel to you instead?

You wake up easily, feeling happy, light, well rested, and full of energy for the day ahead. You are free from needing anything stimulating to get your energy or digestive system moving, and you begin the morning by hydrating with a structured water that sings to your cells with each sip. During your day, you infuse your sacred body with food & ingredients that are of a high vibration, thus reflecting the respect you have for your body. You cruise through your day without needing cat naps or pick-me-ups. Winding down in the evening is something that happens naturally, and falling asleep + staying asleep is a breeze.


What’s Included:
✦ the Elixir Juice Cleanse menu
✦ nourishing + re-mineralizing recipes
✦ 3 inspiring live group coaching calls
✦ 1 bottle of Everlasting Youth women’s health herbal beauty elixir (value $38)
✦ healthy homework, journaling prompts, the mini guidebook + new mindset mantras
✦ high value health and nutrition information, tons of inspiration, and loving support
✦ private FB group, lifetime access where you can ask me questions anytime


nourishing herbal infusions (teas)
fresh green vegetable juice
rejuvenating lemonades
superfood smoothies
coconut + nut milks
adaptogenic tonics
mineral-rich broths
probiotic potions
delicious soups
coconut water
beauty elixirs and …
superwoman shots
and, deluxe salads if need be

Every single thing you put into your body will be a delicious + nutritious boost at the highest level. You’ll infuse your body with liquid love. 

It’s a balanced way to recallibrate, regenerate, and reset your body, mind, and spirit! It would be really fun to partner with a friend and do it together if you’d like sisterhood & support during your week-long journey. You’re eating and drinking to satisfaction and for flavor + joy!

This program requires commitment of your time. The effort you put forth will return back to you in infinite ways and you’ll reap outstanding benefits immediately. Be in a space where you can dedicate 1-2 hours a day to making your alchemical magic. You can purchase the freshly made organic green vegetable juice from a local juicery (or other bevy’s that meet the criteria) if that’s what suits your routine and schedule.

Previous Knowledge:
You should be familiar with eating a healthy, organic, whole foods diet so that the Elixir Juice Cleanse is relatively easy for you to embark on. You don’t have to be fully immersed in this way of holistic living, just in the know that real food grows from the earth and is not highly processed – and, you’re ready to claim your commitment to learning and experiencing a higher level of physical health and emotional stability – now! Why? Because delaying it doesn’t get you anywhere, and is definitely not where you want to go.

This is for the woman that wants to be deeply empowered and have her hands in the process of actively creating her health. If you feel drawn to do this and your intuition says YES – this is for you! 🙂

The ELIXIR JUICE CLEANSE is for you if you want to feed your body temple the finest ingredients available so that you ooze vibrancy, pure energy, and youthfulness. You want to have the most effective, fun, and nutritious cleanse in your superwomen toolkit (aka your sexy back pocket) that can be whipped out at any point here forward – such as when you’re needing to lighten up your food intake and rest the digestive system or to enliven your energy again. Or, you want to fly high as a result of infusing your bod with the BEST FOODS EVER!