You’re here because you want to THRIVE. You want the knowledge to rise above
the perpetual tired & stressed plague across the planet + actually feel AMAAAZING!

You are super committed to taking exceptional care of yourself (at least for a week!) and prioritizing daily health rituals + self-nourishing practices that support you in achieving legit results.

If this sounds like how you’re feeling, then read on —>

I guide health-conscious women all over our beautiful world who have reached a plateau in their physical health reach the real deal next level. Your mindset, inner chatter, and mental programming matter a great deal so that’s weaved into everything I offer.

What’s my magic method?

Feasting on high vibrational nutrition. TOGETHER.

In my 15 years of following and embodying a super holistic progressive lifestyle (read my bio here), I know this to be an absolute truth:

Your Health is Your Wealth. You can have everything else lined up perfectly
but it will be compromised (& pretty lame) without your HEALTH.

You may have heard it before, but now it’s time to really take decisive action and live it.. because – that’s how we change, grow + evolve! Many approaches are boring and dogmatic, but I’m all about individual freedom and having the best time ever.. so expect this to be an exciting time of upgrading your health and emotional well-being!

It’s time to let go of any struggle that relates to your health.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, then this is the right cleanse for you:

✦ you’re tired all the freakin’ time!! or like clockwork mid-afternoon

✦ you don’t handle stress well – you react poorly instead of *responding* to life’s inevitable challenges

✦ irritating skin problems (acne, rocasea, cystic acne, uneven skin tone…)

✦ insomnia + poor quality sleep patterns

✦ stubborn weight that won’t release

✦ PMS + frustrating hormonal imbalances

✦ lack of natural energy thru your day

✦ your libido is low, limp, or lacking lust

✦ lowered immunity (you catch colds easily and get sick each season)

✦ brain fog, lack of clarity in your life, inability to concentrate and focus, poor cognitive abilities

✦ ya just don’t feel good in your body, are at a plateau with your health, and sense you need a reboot

How would this feel to you instead?

You wake up easily, feeling happy, light, well rested (even if you’re a breastfeeding mama!), and full of energy for the day ahead. Feeling really, really good, you are free from needing anything stimulating to get your energy or digestive system moving. You begin the morning by hydrating with the earth’s water that sings to your cells with each sip.

During your day, you infuse your sacred body with food and ingredients that are of the highest vibration, thus reflecting the respect you have for yourSelf. You cruise through your day without needing cat naps, artificial pick-me-ups, or hits of caffeine! You’re ready to slow the pace of life down for a little while.

Winding down in the evening is something that happens with ease, and falling asleep + staying asleep is a breeze. Your sleep quality has improved. Sounds delightful, yea? It’s a reality for many and the result of mindful choices we will make throughout our week.


Tuesday March 11 – March 18, 2019

Your Health Investment is $125


✦ the Elixir Juice Cleanse Guidebook (includes shopping list + top quality product recommendations and special discounts)
✦ 3 inspiring live video group coaching + support calls (recordings will be available)
✦ superfood nutrition education, adaptogenic herbalism training, and recipe demos
✦ deliciously crafted meal plan + diverse range of awesome recipes you’ll enjoy
✦ high value health and nutrition information, tons of inspiration, and expert support
✦ healthy homework, journaling prompts, opportunity for self-growth + beautifully designed affirmations
✦ 24 hour sisterhood support via our active, private Elixir Juice Cleanse Collective facebook group (for life!)
✦ supportive practices + healing rituals for enhancing your experience and to restore radiant health
✦ 1 bottle of Everlasting Youth women’s health herbal beauty elixir (mailed to you!) – value $37
✦ 3 day preparation for the cleanse and guidance for ending it!

The cleanse typically runs 2-4 times per year as a live group coaching program.

3 Group VIDEO Calls (45-60 minutes each)
We will gather live:
Monday March 11 at 11am PST / 2pm EST
Friday March 14 at 11am PST / 2pm EST
Monday March 18 at 11am PST / 2pm EST

This is your energetic sisterhood support from afar – show up live if you can!
It’s our intentional space where we voice our intentions, journey, and revelations aloud.

nourishing herbal infusions (teas)
fresh green vegetable juice
rejuvenating lemonades
superfood smoothies
coconut + nut milks
adaptogenic tonics
mineral-rich broths
probiotic potions
delicious soups
coconut water
beauty elixirs and …
superwoman shots

Every single thing you put into your body will be a delicious + nutritious boost at the highest level. You’ll infuse your body with LIQUID love! If you are nursing little ones (like me), I’ll give you options for what solid meal(s) are appropriate to add into your day. While this is a cleanse for most, it’s deeply nourishing and building – not a deprivation diet.

❥ You’re drinking to satisfaction and for flavor + joy!

There will be loving guidelines, but no laws or nutrition police. You’ll learn new ways to nourish your body that you may be unaware of, and will want to carry forward!


Tuesday March 11 – March 18, 2019

Your Health Investment is $125

The ELIXIR JUICE CLEANSE is a gentle yet super effective approach to cleansing and allll about infusing organic, blended, juiced + handcrafted real food – nutrient-dense top quality superfoods – adaptogenic tonic herbs – and immunity boosting medicinal mushrooms into our bodies.

It’s a very well balanced program, incorporating a diverse range of recipes + adaptations to your climate – wherever you are in the world.

Perhaps 1 of the most incredibly nourishing ways to recallibrate, regenerate, and reset your body, mind, and spirit! Past cleansers say they are re-centered, more clear, energized, and genuinely helpful in getting oneself back on track.


 (designed by @thedesiredoula)


This program requires commitment of your time. The effort you put forth will return back to you in infinite ways and you’ll reap outstanding benefits immediately. Be in a space where you can dedicate 1-2 hours a day or so to making your alchemical magic!

You can purchase the freshly made organic green vegetable juice from a local juicery (or other bevy’s that meet the criteria) if that’s what suits your routine and schedule.

It’s most empowering to make things yourself, and I’ll show you how. If you can dedicate an hour in the morning to make a few things, you’ll be set up for most of your day and have the confidence to create, concoct, and connect with your liquid love.


You should be familiar with eating a healthy, organic, whole foods diet so that the Elixir Juice Cleanse is relatively easy for you to embark on. You don’t have to be fully immersed in this way of holistic living, just in the know that real food grows from the earth and is not highly processed – and, you’re ready to claim your commitment to learning and experiencing a higher level of physical health and emotional stability – now! Why? Because delaying it doesn’t get you anywhere!

This is for the woman that wants to be deeply empowered and have her hands IN the process of actively creating her health.
Your energy and intentions fuse into your magic resulting in powerful healing.

if you want to …




You want to have the most effective, fun, and nutritious cleanse in your superwomen toolkit that can be used as your secret weapon here forward when you’re needing to rest and heal the digestive system, generate more natural energy, or relieve stress that’s held inside.

Join us for a revitalizing 5 DAY cleanse, with 3 days of preparation beforehand to get you ready + guidance on how to ease out of it easily afterward.

I’ll be your experienced guide, certified holistic nutrition educator & cheerleader! 🙂
(YES – it’s safe for breast-feeding mamas – we’ll adapt + adjust as needed – I’ll help you)


Tuesday March 11 – March 18, 2019

Your Health Investment is $125


 “I feel lighter and clear, all traces of holiday bloat and brain fog have lifted and I’m sleeping soundly.”

“I have just completed the Elixir Juice Cleanse and I have to say how impressed I am. It was the perfect way to kick off the New Year. I was looking for a reset after the busy holiday season and this program exceeded my expectations. I have done several juice cleanses in the past that have left me feeling hungry and depleted and frankly just wanting to get to the end as quickly as possible. The EJC was nothing like this, it allowed me to feel nourished and satiated the entire time, even during the frigid temps we’ve had this winter in Canada! Throughout our week together I learned how to incorporate yummy elixirs, soups, juices, and superfoods into my diet.

Bethanne was a great support in guiding us with delicious recipes and an outline for the day, as well as and bringing the group together through live calls and a FB group. In the end I feel lighter and clear, all traces of holiday bloat and brain fog have lifted and I’m sleeping soundly. The most exciting part is that I learned so many tips and tricks that I will carry forward into my day to day life. I think of myself as a pretty big health nut, but this cleanse taught me how to take my health to the next level! If your considering the EJC, DO IT!! You will love it and be supported on your journey. I highly recommend adding this to your superwoman toolkit! Thank you again!”


“The best gifts from the cleanse were the easy integration and adaptability, the inspiration to live well and the encouragement to keep leaning into my own intuition.”

“Bethanne’s Elixir Juice Cleanse was the perfect upgrade for my body, the next level boost for my personal medicinal health cabinet, and the invitation to commit to more wellness practices everyday. The structure of the cleanse was very adaptable and the knowledge and tips she shared were easily integrated. Many things learned in cleanse have naturally become what I now do daily! She offered perfect support for even better self-care habits along with new amazing ways to intuitively create leading-edge nourishment and cultivate more well-being for myself and my family.

During the cleanse I received the sweetest inspiration for stepping into more kitchen alchemy with morning and evening tonic herb elixir creations. I added even more yumminess and nutrition to my superfood smoothies, and dove into a whole new realm making homemade medicinal soups. I also pulled out my juicer and have been inspired to continue the 2 green juices per day. I am appreciative for the expansion of knowledge received and the additions to my medicinal culinary art nourishment skills. The best gifts from the cleanse were the easy integration and adaptability of everything in the course, the inspiration to live well and live an inspired life, and the encouragement to keep leaning into my own intuition. I am already ready for the next cleanse offering! In awe and appreciation.”


“Doing this at the beginning of the year was spot on.”

“I was very happy to do this cleanse with you! I felt energetically that it was what I needed. I make soups all the time and use tonic herbs, and had never meshed the two. I learned a lot from that. Doing this at the beginning of the year was spot on. I felt focused, clear, and had better sleep!”


“The Elixir Juice Cleanse helped me realign with the nourishment my body needs.”

The Elixir Juice Cleanse helped me realign with the nourishment my body needs. While challenging at times, I was inspired by Bethanne and the rest of the community to focus on optimizing my health and well-being. Since doing the cleanse, I have recommitted to exercise and continued the habit of beginning each day with alkaline water, mindfully crafted elixirs and superfood smoothies. If you’re on the fence about participating, take the step towards your health – the only thing you have to lose is bad habits!