Herbal Infused Organic Coconut Oil for Face, Body, Hair, Bath


Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil

My top selling product is an herbal infused all-purpose oil that can be used anywhere and everywhere! Inside, outside, for women, men, children… in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom…

It makes a luxurious handmade body oil intended to repair, soothe, soften, and deeply moisturize your living skin! This is the kind of love oil you slather on to feel sexy, youthful, and radiant.

This herbal oil is pure magic! Herbal infused, pure, extra virgin organic coconut oil is anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Ideal for all skin troubles, rashes, irritations, and problems.


– lip balm
– edible massage and body oil
– lightly aromatic anti-bacterial deodorant
– herbal facial oil (excellent for most skin types)
– personal lubricant and/or sexual enhancement
– under eye cream (hydrate this thin layer of skin)
– as your main cooking oil (it’s stable at medium to high heat)
– on your dog or cat to make him/her have a super shiny coat
– bath oil to soften skin while bathing (1 scoop into bath will do)
– apply to closed cuts, wounds, stretch marks, cellulite and scars
– hair shine (softness + lustre, smoothing follicles; small amount goes a long way)
– eye make up remover (pure, high quality oils are known to remove eye makeup)
– eczema and psoriasis treatment (use in conjunction with living/raw + probiotic-rich foods!)
– scalp oil treatment (excellent for dandruff, dry scalp & hair; you can warm oil or use at room temp)

Massage into your body (head to toes) to soften and soothe rough edges, as your full body lotion. Apply to torn cuticles or nails that need more natural radiant shine and hands that need softening.

Use internally as a healthy fat with essential fatty acids (beauty from the inside out!). It’s a fantastic way to consume mineral-rich herbs without having to take man-made mineral supplements.


Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil, melted

You may add to:

– herbal teas
– elixirs and tonics
– raw chocolates
– superfood smoothies
– healthy desserts
– raw food recipes
– cooked vegan meals (in quinoa, millet, rice… with vegetables)
– healthy whole food meals

Or, eat it by the spoonful on its’ own if you want to consume it therapeutically. You can eat it RAW or COOK with it since it’s a stable oil that can be heated without damaging the healing properties (it’s the only stable oil I feel safe cooking with). This could be your main cooking oil, if you cook!

Herbal Infused Coconut Oil Image

* Organic raw unrefined extra virgin coconut oil
* Wild harvested Chaga mushroom
* Organic Horsetail leaf
* Organic Holy Basil / Tulsi
* Organic Lavender flowers
* Wildcrafted Vanilla bean

Each herb is vitamin and mineral-rich, soothing to the skin, and divine in its’ smell. Get it here!

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