The Goddess Mash Recipe

Ingredients all together in bowl, ready to mix

This is my most favorite savory dish recipe that has had a very positive impact on my health and thousands of others. It’s called The Goddess Mash! This meal is very satiating, super quick and easy to prepare (even while traveling), and absolutely mouth-watering and beyond delicious. I’m known for this one 😉

If you have never had raw sauerkraut (yes, it must be raw and it will say on the label) or spirulina – give them a fair shot! Even if you tried them before and couldn’t stand them, try this recipe! I have converted sauerkraut and spirulina “haters” with this simple Mash.


Meal Plan Ideas:

– nori roll “burritos”  with the Mash, veggies, spices, and seed cheeses
– collard leaf “burritos” with the same fixings as above, or different if desired
– a big leafy green salad with the Mash piled on top like guacamole
– over sprouted or cooked quinoa or millet and mixed together for a super creamy healthy dinner


The Goddess Mash – mixed together & ready to devour!


1 ripe organic avocado
1/4+ cup raw sauerkraut
1/2+ teaspoon spirulina

Place all ingredients in a beautiful bowl and mash together with a fork, like you’re making guacamole. Feel free to add more of each ingredient as your palate desires! Eat with joy and peace in your heart and belly.

* OPTIONAL additional ingredients: sprouts, chopped dark leafy greens, garden vegetables, wild greens, heirloom tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, dulse seaweed, freshly squeezed lemon, cayenne pepper, chlorella, Vitamineral Green, Vitamineral Earth, Friendly Fats, raw tahini, and sea salt.


The Goddess Mash will look green/blue-ish; this is pure life force that is extremely easy to digest infusing into your precious body! Be grateful that such a simple recipe exists which has the sincere potential to turn your health around (if needed). Each ingredient has a massive amount of nutrition and when combined together, magic happens. This dish will never get old because there are countless variations to it… an endless supply of healthy savory food that is healing, satisfying, cleansing, and rejuvenating!

With more raw sauerkraut, and raw olives & cilantro added

The sauerkraut must be raw because you want the living enzymes and exceptional healing properties of this living, high vibrational food, and the results will not be the same with non-raw krauts on the market. Raw sauerkraut is definitely 1 of my most expensive habits, but the way I eat serves as health insurance, and health assurance, and I always hold this perspective.

I’ve seen what happens when people don’t so I personally choose to spend my money wisely in a way that serves me the most. You can also make your own sauerkraut, which is a skill worth pursuing. It’s possible you’ll find balance between making your own and buying some, which is what I do.


There are countless benefits of fermented foods like kraut. Some include:

– dramatically improved digestion
– younger looking skin
– more immediate energy after eating
– better assimilation and absorption of vitamin & minerals

With tomatoes, olives, cilantro & more kraut


If you work long days and never know what to eat for lunch, or want a healthy mid-afternoon snack, this is it. If you are road-tripping short or long distances, this is it (because you can either bring a small cooler with you to keep the raw sauerkraut chilled or you can buy it at any natural health food store nationwide).

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW and let me know how you like this recipe! This is my clients’ FAVORITE savory recipe I have ever shared and I want to know what you think.

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Check out this “green vegetable salad from the garden” recipe ~ this is just 1 version of The Goddess Mash!

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