5 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

Years ago, I used to be the girl who embraced the daily habit of frequenting the coffee shop on my way to work or the dog park to get my extra hot tall mocha. Mmmm, how I loved it. My mocha was dairy-free which made me feel like it was a superior choice. At some point I came to my senses and realized that it was the actual act of this habit that I wanted the most, and not necessarily the way it made me feel even though it felt warm n’ fuzzy in my body while going down.

I initially switched to lattes, then green tea and yerbe mate, and finally to tonic herbal tea and making my own mocha’s at home infused with superfoods and raw cacao. It was a gradual shift over several months which made it easy to slowly release my attachment to holding the hot brew while I engaged in life.

Chaga Mushroom (little pellets, sized just like bee pollen) – has a natural deep & vanilla flavor

5 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee:

1) Chaga Tea: Chaga is a medicinal mushroom and adaptogen that supports and strengthens the immune system more than any other substance known (there’s even a book being published about this by David Wolfe). What’s nice about this often unheard of herb is that is has a natural vanilla flavor with depth that when sweetened with a chocolate or vanilla creme liquid stevia, tastes like what you’d pick up at the nearby coffee shop.

2 droppersful of the stevia (or to taste) in hot or iced Chaga tea and you get a similar smell, taste and energy. Plus, you get 1 of the world’s best healing substances into your body easily. All you do is brew up a couple tablespoons (you don’t have to be precise) in spring water and let it simmer for 10-60 minutes (heat will draw out the properties held within). You can get Chaga mushroom from your local herb shop or at Mountain Rose Herbs – the most reputable bulk herbal shop online!

2) Energy Manna Lemonade– When you hydrate your body on a cellular level, you get to experience natural energy highs because your body isn’t desperately thirsty and therefore tired. 1 mouth-watering way to do this is to whip up a superfood beauty elixir with wild blue green algae that tastes just like cherry lemonade. Wild blue green algae contains the richest & broadest spectrum of nutrition of….

Energy Manna Lemonade

Energy Manna Lemonade Recipe:

* 5 cups spring water
* 1 teaspoon wild blue green algae
* 1 teaspoon acerola cherry powder
* 2 freshly squeezed lemons
* stevia extract powder to taste
* handful of ice (made with spring water)

Blend on high for 20-30 seconds and let foam settle. Serve in glass mason jars & drop slices of organic lemon & more ice cubes into your replenishing blue lemonade for a real quencher!

If you want more energy-enhancing elixir, tonics & cocktails, you’ll love my book Superfood Beauty Elixirs! There’s even a coffee replacement called Shilajit Coffeechino that tastes like the real thing. The Blue Manna (or Energy Manna) Lemonade is #1 most raved about recipe in my book!

Freshly-made green juice for supercharged natural energy

3) Fresh Vegetable Juice– freshly made juice gives you instant energy. If you need a lift, a liquid infusion of chlorophyll from plants and herbs is all that’s needed. This tasty & therapeutic drink cleanses your system and provides you with REAL energy that is not stimulating or addictive. You can drink some every single day to alkalize and reduce an over-acidic condition in your body, bringing balance to your physical health. Sure, it’s a green drink – it’s not that deep, dark, rich aroma of coffee, but it most certainly gives you the same lift as a $3-5 adrenal-depleting addiction.

4) Superfood-Infused Herbal Raw Chocolate – Since most everybody loves chocolate, this is an easy swap for many. Eating RAW chocolate doesn’t mean you need to gouge your body with ridiculous amounts, but if you make or buy the healthier, more balanced AND less stimulating version by infusing it with organic superfoods and tonic herbs, then it is definitely an upgrade and will help kick the coffee habit. Cacao (pronounced “ka kow”) contains PEA, which is the bliss-inducing love chemical that is released when consumed. It’s easy to get addicted to any food and/or emotionally eat, so keep your choices mindful and be smart about what you’re doing to yourself.

Superfood-Infused Herbal Raw Chocolate

5) Coffee Body Scrubs & Exfoliants. Wait a second – are you wondering why I would suggest using a BODY SCRUB instead of drinking a cup of Joe? Well, in my experience – this works – WELL. The most popular product in my organic edible skincare line is called Mocha Java Body Scrub with fair trade brown sugar, ground coffee, maca powder, cacao powder, and soothing + softening oils that make your skin feel like silk and your body invigorated from the outside in. You can easily make your own exfoliant or buy one from a reputable organic vegan skincare site like my own. By using the scrub in your shower, you’ll bathe in the deep aroma of coffee & chocolate and even carry the scent with you for a few hours afterward. Try it!

BONUS (#6): Kombucha: For the same price of a coffee or mocha, you can get a kombucha in the refrigerated section of natural food stores. Their benefits have been known for thousands of years with a wide range of positive effects for the body. Try kombucha as an invigorating probiotic-rich tonic for a natural energy boost and lift throughout your day! (fyi: homemade kombucha often contains less sugar because you control how long it ferments and when it’s “ready”)

We can trick our mind and body just by making the switch to these suggestions instead of the real thing. It’s really not that hard, but it does take commitment and compliance. I’m not telling you to give up coffee entirely – you have to decide what’s best for you, but you should know that there are healthier alternatives that are not only just as good, but without any side effects except natural bliss.

Here’s a great article  on the Organic Jar website called 10 Reason to Give Up Coffee that I recommend reading to awaken to the reality of what this highly caffeinated substance is doing to your precious body.

What’s YOUR favorite coffee replacement? Leave a comment below!

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3 comments on “5 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

  1. This is so timely! I’ve had a new and recurring thought that I don’t even actually like the taste of coffee and that maybe I just like the routine/habit of drinking it. I’m from MA, so summer is just beginning, which means I start to crave iced coffees, just because I associate a hot, sunny day with iced coffee, not because I actually really, truly enjoy the drink itself! And yet, I’m still drinking it. Reading this post and your story, I am now able to fully admit to myself that I don’t like coffee, I am just attached to the idea of it. I am going to order the ingredients in your first two drinks above and give those a try. Thanks so much!

    • Awesome Sandra! I can relate, and you’ll find the replacements just as dee-lish as the real deal – just different. You’re right, it’s all association… now just intentionally create a new association and you’ll feel really good about it!

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