Activating our Potential through Nutrition (Guest Post by Ronnie Landis)

This guest post is written for Edible Goddess by Ronnie Landis; Ronnie is an author, health and personal growth speaker, nutritionist, and peak performance specialist. He is the author of the upcoming book, The Live-it Lifestyle: Dropping Diets Forever. His life mission is to be a voice for raw plant foods, super foods, raw chocolate, and a sustainable future for coming generations.

Activating our Potential through Nutrition

For every human being put on this Earth there is a set of skills and a way of delivering them that can inspire, amaze, and ultimately light up all who come in contact. Each one of us is special; we have an inner light that carries all the knowledge of the ancient world, conscious of its incredible energy awaiting permission by the holder similar to that of the samurai’s katana yielding impeccable craftsmanship, but can only be wielded by the one who understands its brilliance. The key idea that we all should consider is this question, “How can I activate my gifts in the world”.

“The most important skill of the future is being able to learn and master information immediately”
David Wolfe

We are accomplishment-driven creatures only truly satisfied when our energy is being poured into the focus of our desires. The unease some feel in life can be attributed to the direction they have chosen to focus their lives. I have been an avid student of personal development material for most of my life putting so much of my attention on the power of my mind. I heard long ago from success literature pioneer, Earl Nightingale, about “The Strangest Secret” which states, Thoughts are Things: we are what we think about. I believed for most of my life that this was the foundational law of the cosmos, that we could assume any circumstance through proper mindset alone. I soon realized that a critical piece of this equation was absent; the very fuel that may have the greatest influence over our most dominant thoughts. The law of You are What you Eat takes an immediate front seat to all other supporting ideas.

We are the result of what we repeatedly do; if this statement is true which I believe it is, then our physical makeup is the result of what we habitually think, say, do, and eat. Whenever you think a certain thought it creates a wave of information that is sent through the nervous system, with time the more thoughts and words of that nature will have physical effects because the body always follows the mind. The food or substances you put into your body over time will prove their worth. Physical deterioration is absolutely inescapable when you’re constantly picking up the bread crumbs that lead to its doors. If you have built up these habits, it is time to now start reprogramming your genetic makeup to work for you instead of against you.

The effect food has on our ability to create and sustain peak potential is nothing short of astounding. In terms of rerouting our thinking patterns in the direction we feel would be most optimal, we must look at living food nutrition as a launching pad. A great example is Tony Wright who holds the world record in staying awake the longest – 12 days straight! Tony is the author of the book Left in the Dark which focuses on the functionality of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and how we are effected through the modern day food supply.

Through his research he came to some interesting conclusions such as when humans stray too far from their natural diet (raw foods) they become left brain dominant (linear thinking, calculating) and raw plant food could influence the imaginative, inspirational artistic right side of the brain to reemerge. Tied in with these findings by theory and his own unique experience he found that the left side of the brain expends so much energy synthesizing life experiences it requires tremendous rest, but the right side of our brain requires very little rest due to the childlike nature in which it operates.

The vast majority of people in the western world are grid locked in a critical mindset that has to rationalize and calculate its way through life. This causes tremendous constriction not only on our physiology but also our psychology and makes it exceedingly more difficult to express our true nature into the world we all wish for.

I am constantly blessed to meet amazing individuals in the health and living foods community that tell me stories of the lives they were living previous to their inner transformation. It is clear to me as we embark on cleansing our bodies of the residues of concrete society we all grew up in and begin to flood our cells with the intelligence of raw plant food and super foods it becomes near impossible to pursue a path of quiet desperation. As our blood vessels expand and open through oxygenation, the walls we have encapsulated our heart in begin to break down and the core meaning of our lives takes a form none of us could have imagined in our past life.

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