Raising Children Consciously With Raw Foods (Guest Blog Post by Tera McCurdy)

Today’s guest post is written exclusively for the Edible Goddess blog by Tera McCurdy, an inspiring raw mom of one of the most adorable (and truly healthy) kids you’ve ever seen. To connect with Tera and learn more about her lifestyle, visit her on Facebook!

It has been close to three years since the first day I decided to follow the road not so commonly followed and yet is as ancient as the oldest of carvings… a raw, organic, live food diet – truly an illumined life path paved with deep greens, rich reds, golden hues with purples & blues – a yellow brick road of sorts.

I am a mother of one sweet little boy who has grown up thus far to love his greens not because I have made him eat them, but because we discuss where are food originates from and why it’s important to enrich the soil to feed the plants, which in turn feed our bodies that nourish our minds and spirit. I remember at about age 2 he would occasionally remark with a cute little spark….“Mmmm, this is so good and it’s really good for my body!“ I tell this to you all not to glorify that my son likes his fruits & veggies but to share the nuggets of experience to those that yearn and are willing to fill their little munchkins golden tummies with precious foods of the enamored rainbow that has been continually gifted to us from the ground up.

I truly believe that it is instinctive for children to lean towards the most high connection of the vibrant green’s & shiny pigmented fruits. In a child’s eyes, color is of primitive importance. I believe that a varied selection can be enticing especially if there are fruits – and more importantly – vegetables present for them to touch, feel, taste and learn about. We have a modest garden in our backyard with an array of fruits and vegetables that I have cultivated over the past few years, tending to the compost on a year round basis, feeding the worms (Vermiculture) kitchen scraps and so on. While doing this he has witnessed my passion and determination to enrich that soil of ours, plant the seeds and then wait in excited anticipation for the new growth.

I think that above all he has felt that he too is a part of this integral process and to have the ability to walk outside with a sense of confidence and in freedom to choose a tender young piece of Kale out of the garden or a fresh ripe Tomato has given him much gratitude and warmth for the origins of life and respect for himself and life in general.

I allow him to help me in the garden and talk with him as I would as if he were a little friend or a little person, which is what he is, rather than a baby. I feel that by practicing this form of communication with him has taught me more then I could have ever imagined. The intelligence of children is amazing and I feel that by honoring them this way is sacred and is a gift in itself. It’s interesting because really a child just wants the attention of his or her parent and by spending the time together and really engaging in the exchange is actually a time saver in the long run because just like us, children want to be listened to, noticed, loved and appreciated.

As a collective society of people on this glistening globe of color, we as individuals influence each other everyday with unique facial expressions, varied thoughts twinkling in our consciousness, and the words we weave. We all are connected in this quilt of life like the most eye catching patchwork that one has ever encountered. Ultimately we each behold a magnificence so beautiful and full of shimmering light that I believe we are all meant to shine. Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing if we can all truly realize the patch of warmth that we can offer to one another! Now that would be one high quality quilt of life worth snuggling up to!

Let’s lead and feed ourselves, along with our children, the foods that contain the sun’s energy – after all, it’s here to lure you to your highest potential. Consider creating a garden patch and grow cabbage, carrots, kale, whatever your heart desires! But mostly, have fun in the sun and enjoy the process.

With warmth from my patch to yours,

Tera McCurdy

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