The Importance of Your Water Source: Living Spring Water

I HIGHLY advise you to do whatever it takes to acquire and use fresh, cold spring water bottled yourself in glass jugs as the water you drink and use in your elixirs, tonics, smoothies, and other healthy creations. This brief article will explain why…

Fresh Spring Water

Fresh, living spring water

An excellent source for information on spring water is – this website has a map with hundreds of springs around the world detailing directions of how to get to them. It’s an amazing resource with pictures and videos of the springs, specifics of the waters like pH (is it slightly acid or slightly alkaline?) and TDS (total dissolved solids, or how “minerally” is it?) – and notes on their accessibility and flow rates.

I expect that there is a cold spring in driving distance for you that you’ll locate on this website. If not, ask the locals (especially the 50+ years of age folks) if they know where a viable spring is. It may be much closer than you think!

3 gallon glass carboy to gather water

If you currently use filtered tap water, please consider that yes – it is better than straight tap water and many bottled waters that have been sitting in plastic for months, exposed to light, electromagnetic fields, and heat.

Yet remember, that a filter is a relatively small machine (even the $2000+ ones) that cannot actually make the water living. To make water living, you need our planet to do its magic: cubic acres of layered crystals, continuously charged with free electrons from the Earth for eons. In other words, you want to source your water from a mountain with an aquifer being created inside it that freely pours out through true springs.

Only when we rely on the Earth to give us what we need are we free to understand the beauty of her gifts!

Your body is about 70% water. It takes about 1 week of drinking water to replace nearly all your water content, or rather, to renew your blood plasma. Would you rather have that 70% be filtered tap water from a water source that is likely destroying delicate ecologies with damns where chemicals have been put into the water, are polluted, and unstructured?

OR… do you want to be made up of 70% wild noble water, the only time-proven natural water for humans?! When you “go wild”, you never go back. In fact, spring water hunting (hiking for local spring heads) and spring hopping or jumping (filling up at various springs around the world while you travel) is one of the most fun and gratifying activities to connect with the Earth and heal your body.

Quench your thirst with fresh, cold spring water
and soak your body in the waters of life!

If you believe in and understand the importance of living spring water, you’ll absolutely love my eBook, Superfood Beauty Elixirs! The entire recipe and guidebook is based on using spring water for low-glycemic drinks that will skyrocket your health



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