Protect Yourself Against Radiation Poisoning: A Comprehensive Nutritional Strategy

This is a list I’ve compiled after gathering massive amounts of info over the past several days. It’s just a list.. take everything you can and focus on getting these foods, Superfoods, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, etc into your body ASAP. Every single item listed here has been confirmed via multiple sites and is based upon books I have by Dr Gabriel Cousens, info from David Wolfe, info that is circulating online, and that I know based upon my experience. Ideally, these are the foods you eat everyday anyway and if so, you are in a much better place. But, it is never to late to TAKE ACTION… not in fear, but in preparing for the worst and expecting the best.

Everything listed here is a much safer option over potassium iodide. Please do not panic if your local or the online stores are sold out of potassium iodide (which should only be taken AFTER you have been exposed to radiation – please take precautions if you are over 40 years old and research it prior to taking it!) – some of these foods offer the natural version of iodine and you will be totally covered if you incorporate even some of what is below.

* These are foods, herbs, and supplements that will keep your thyroid and immune system strong. Just keep yourself healthy! I want to remind everyone that we are exposed to radiation every day, whether or not there is nuclear fallout. Hence, a dietary approach that includes what is listed below 🙂



ALL seaweeds, especially kelp and kombu (aka Laminaria Japonica)
miso (chickpea is best)
sea salts
kefirs – coconut kefir, etc
fermented veggies
high chlorophyll foods (eat green!)
coconut butter
fresh aloe vera
Brazil nuts
garlic / onion
beets / celery
guava / plums
citrus / apples
parsley / CILANTRO
sprouts / grasses
ALL leafy greens
cruciferous vegetables
extra virgin olive oil
nutritional yeast

Even though I found foods on lists that have sugar (pineapple, beets, guava) – it’s surprising to me. I highly recommend eating a lower-sugar diet or cutting it out for the time-being. I’ve read multiple random sources regarding the negative effects of all forms of sugar on the body and uptake of nuclear fallout. Just thinking on the cautious side…



Chlorella Powder

Pure Synergy Superfood
Vitamineral Green (by HealthForce)
Vitamineral Earth (by HealthForce)
zeolites (ZeoForce from HealthForce or Natural Cellular Defense)
wild blue green algae (HealthForce or Ancient Sun Nutrition)
Longevity Spirulina
bee pollen (ideally local pollen to you)
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
fulvic acid
MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)
Adya Clarity
marine phytoplankton
Crystal Energy
botanical (plant-derived) lipo-vitamin C
whole food vitamin C powders (camu camu berry, amla berry, acerola cherry)
Nascent Iodine

** You can get many of these ingredients and products the Natural News Store or on the HealthForce site

HERBS (ideally you heat these as teas or take them as extract powder, not taken in capsules because of the amount you’d have to take, but do whatever you can)

Ginseng Root

Longevity in a Bottle
ginseng of any kind
burdock root
nettle leaf
red clover blossoms
holy basil (tulsi)
green tea
milk thistle



Mushroom Immunity
All mushrooms are excellent (you’ll be covered in the above tasty mushroom blend), and Reishi is #1 for radiation exposure and protection

** You can get the individual herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs

Reishi Mushroom in Nature


activated charcoal (Intestinal Drawing Formula by HealthForce is good)
betonite clay
digestive enzymes
DMSO (please research before using)
melatonin (protects brain)

Remember, spring water will likely continue to be the ONLY safe drinking water. Please check to locate a spring near you where you can harvest your own free clean water!

The websites and resources that I have found to offer the least censored, most truthful information:
* – updated often by Mike Adams, an honest journalist & editor
* The Keven Trudeau Show (on the right column, scroll down to listen / today’s show isn’t relevant – it’s about MLMs but check other shows from this week and listen over the next few days)
* The Alex Jones Show (on You Tube) and his sites and

Here is a podcast interview with David Wolfe on radiation protection – worth the listen, it’s just 24 minutes

READ THIS article by Christian Bates: Japan’s Nuclear Fallout to Hit Western North America and What to do About it



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  3. Hey great website and nice compilation of information. Just don’t over do these cleansing supplements, that can cause imbalance too. Schizandra is also a great radioprotective.

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