Creating a Chocolate-y Drink WITHOUT Using Chocolate

If you do not want the potential stimulation or at times jolting effect of cacao, I can relate and understand. If you want the indulgent flavor without any perceived detrimental effects, then you can have exactly that.

In a whiff of inspiration to consume more Maca to feel super grounded and resilient to stress and a busy life + a desire to bump up the antioxidants without consuming the relatively limited choices of higher sugar fresh fruits (which have been less than ideal quality this year in Marin County due to the weather), I created this Elixir. I suggest there are limited choices because each year the fresh fruits are always the same and I’m getting somewhat bored with them. Fruits of the Earth has the common + exotic ones, and that’s what I want right now.

I usually just measure the 2 T of Vitamineral Green to make sure I get it in there and then do 1 regular spoonful of MacaForce and 1 spoonful of Fruits of the Earth, yet for this recipe I went with exact measurements to bring you a guaranteed strong chocolate flavored drink. To get more chocolate flavor, add more Dark Mint MacaForce and Fruits of the Earth.

I never would have thought to use Fruits of the Earth to make a drink have more of a chocolate flavor, yet every single time I demo it for HealthForce, customers tell me it tastes like chocolate (and there’s nothing in there that even resembles chocolate!). Creativity in the kitchen and a need to back off my cacao addiction, brought this sweet treat to you.

If you get any PMS symptoms, this is your remedy. This was a successful experiment and it’s too good to keep to myself. Before and during your moon cycle, have 1-3 of these Dark Green Chocolate-y Mint Elixirs per day. Your man will notice 😉

Dark Green Chocolate-y Mint Elixir

3-4 cups spring water
2 T Vitamineral Green (HealthForce)
1 T Dark Mint MacaForce (HealthForce)
1 T Fruits of the Earth (HealthForce)
1 tsp vanilla bean powder
sprinkling of organic white stevia extract powder (NOW brand)
3-4 ice cubes, made with spring water

Blend on high. Let elixir settle for 1-3 mins. Drink chilled and relish your good mood and nostalgic chocolate flavor.

P.S. This Dark Green Chocolate-y Mint Elixir will not be in my upcoming eBook, Superfood Beauty Elixirs. The launch of this labor of love eBook will be before the end of this month! (yippee!!)

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Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic nutritionist, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health & lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body's inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value. Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!

4 comments on “Creating a Chocolate-y Drink WITHOUT Using Chocolate

    • I had the same question when I was introduced to it last summer! The NOW brand, and the few other organic stevia extract powders coming out on the market from different brands (OMICA Organics being one of them that has a similar quality and smooth taste) are extracted using a natural enzymatic process that removes much of the bitter aftertaste associated with strong stevia. The best deal is to buy a 1-pound jar from Make sure it is one with “organic” on its label (and not sold in packets as those contain maltodextrin), as NOW brand also has an uncertified organic stevia extract powder that I don’t recommend.

  1. Hey – this is great to see! What sweet serendipity – I posted a blog on this same subject just recently –
    – although I dealt with it somewhat differently, might be interesting to you.
    I’ll have to check out dark mint maca force and fruits of the earth – I adore maca and should probably step it up to help out my thyroid and adrenals.

    Thanks for this!

    • LUV this newest article of yours Ela! How very synchronistic! Your creativity is expressed so well and makes it very enticing to give your recipe a try. I always appreciate blog posts w/ a series of pics when it’s a recipe, thank you! (working on that myself =))

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