HealthForce Superfoods: Class & Demo Recipes

For today’s class at Granola’s in Mill Creek, I served up a variety of tasty Superfoods: Vitamineral Green, Fruits of the Earth, and Earth. To read what’s in each of them, click on their highlighted link below and it will bring you right to HealthForce’s website where you can read all about them, the benefits, and all ingredients. These are basic recipes that are simple enough to get started with right away, and still therapeutic. You’ll feel a remarkable difference when you consume these Superfoods on a consistent basis – the key is to find the most palatable ways that will leave you wanting more.

Green Goodness:
2/3 coconut water (if you can get the real thing, great, if not, get a packaged one but knowing it’s pasteurized)
1/3 spring water
spoonful of Vitamineral Green

* Shake vigorously in a mason jar (16 oz) and feel the nourishing infusion of nutrients!

Anti-oxidant Powerhouse:
2/3 organic apple juice (freshly juiced is best!)
1/3 spring water
spoonful of Fruits of the Earth

* Shake vigorously in a mason jar (16 oz) and feel the surge of immune boosting!

Cacao Superfood Blendie (5 servings at 12 oz servings each – you can adjust & make smaller amounts, but this will keep in the fridge for a day and you can share it too!):
32 oz unsweetened vanilla hemp milk (I used the Living Harvest brand)
dilute with spring water (approx 1-2 cups – according to taste)
2 frozen organic bananas
2 spoonfuls of raw cacao powder
spoonful of Truly Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder)
spoonful of Vanilla Spice MacaForce
spoonful of Earth
1-2 pitted dates
pinch stevia extract powder (white powder)
swirl of clear agave if desired (try vanilla bean infused! – just add 1 vanilla bean yourself & leave it in the bottle)
ice to chill

* Blend, ideally in a Vita-Mix, and drink knowing that you’re getting superior (and highly bio-available) nutrition!

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