Leafy Greens Salad – How-To Superfood It Up

What do you eat for dinner? We all get asked that question from time to time, no matter what type of nutritional plan you follow. I personally never used to understand how someone could be happy with just salads, but now I’ve found a way to make them much more exciting and definitely more filling. This has been my dinner for just about every night for the past 2 months (with some variation, yes – just play with it and see what you like):

For the Superfood Style Salad:
* handful of spinach
* handful mixed salad greens
* veggies from the farmer’s market (cukes, pepper, tomato, squash – I’ll eat anything local & organic)
* spoonful of ReVitaPhi
* spoonful of tahini
* few drops of Marine Phytoplankton (even better than crumpled nori sheets)
* sometimes I add 1/2 an avocado
* I like to add Lydia’s Organics Seasoning or Living Intentions Superfood Synergy Salad Booster (sooo yummy!)

And the Superhero Dressing:

* equal parts of organic extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar – I don’t measure (sorry!), I make small servings good for a couple days, so I’d estimate I’m using 1/4 cup of each
* couple tbsp organic hemp seeds
* couple cloves of garlic
* spoonful of Spirulina (I’m crazy over HealthForce’s Manna Spirulina)
* spoonful of turmeric powder & cayenne powder (to taste)
* snip some parsley or cilantro into this if you’ve got it fresh!

Blend the dressing on high for 30 seconds (Vita-Mix), turn it down, and add 1/2 an avocado & turn it back up on high for 10-20 seconds – this makes the dressing! It’s the best ever super green (it will be a beautiful GREEN) dressing and I call it the Creamy Dreamy Green Goddess Dressing, because it is! Keep some in a small jar in the fridge & have it ready to dip some veggies in, layer in to your collard or nori wraps, or put over whatever floats your raw boat.

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