Do You Fear Getting Fat?

If you fear packing on the pounds, my suggestion is to let that go immediately and make it your New Years Resolution. Making decisions regarding health should not be based in fear. Decisions to prevent disease is fine I suppose, but I’d rather decide to be outrageously healthy because it feels amazing now, and avoiding […]

Homemade Raw Chocolate Recipe

No matter what time of year, everyone is indulging in chocolates. Making raw chocolates instead of the processed, cooked (all chocolate is cooked unless it says ‘raw’), refined & sugar-laden chocolates, can allow you to feel guilt-free while still sharing your sweetness with loved ones. Remember, eating raw food is not about deprivation; I find […]

3 Secrets to Becoming an Edible Goddess

The 3 Secrets to Becoming an Edible Goddess~ 1) Value yourself more than anything else. Put yourself first. Don’t compromise when it comes to making decisions that effect your health and future. Make health your #1 priority. Do whatever it takes to master this lesson that will pay you back in ways you cannot even […]