MACA: The Best Superfood for Hormone Balancing

Maca is a Peruvian root that’s grown high altitude in the Andes and withstands such intense weather conditions (extreme temperatures, winds, etc) that when you consume it, you naturally become more resilient because of what it endures as it grows in the mountains. Remember, you become what you eat. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

HealthForce Superfoods: Class & Demo Recipes

For today’s class at Granola’s in Mill Creek, I served up a variety of tasty Superfoods: Vitamineral Green, Fruits of the Earth, and Earth. To read what’s in each of them, click on their highlighted link below and it will bring you right to HealthForce’s website where you can read all about them, the benefits, […]

Upcoming Class (Aug 2009): Using Superfoods to Unleash the Edible Goddess Within

Have you ever wondered where to begin with Superfoods or how to consume them? Did you know that by using them you can reach entirely new levels of health? This FREE class will be an introduction to HealthForce Nutritionals Superfoods and the most palatable ways to include them in your nutritional program, no matter your […]