Juicing: Benefits Outweigh the Clean-up

It seems everywhere I turn lately, I’m coming across more and more reasons to embark on another juice fast. I haven’t done one in several months and seeing as though Spring is peaking its way through the Seattle clouds, it may just be the perfect time. I’ve been trapped in the thinking that it just hasn’t been the right time due to life circumstances, but really, isn’t that precisely the best time ever to push the limits and treat yourself to this kind of feasting?

Let’s clarify the difference between juice extracting and whole food juicing (as with the Vita-Mix). With a juice extractor, you are removing the pulp and fiber from the fruit and/or veggie and just drinking the juice. Ideally, you will find a way to use the pulp to eliminate excess waste. When I make a fresh juice in my Breville juicer, my sweet dog, Java, benefits too – he gets the pulp mixed right into his free range raw meat and vegetables, and absolutely loves it. If you don’t have a ravenous dog like I do, then keep the pulp anyway (store in fridge for a few days) and add to other raw food recipes. I’d love to hear the ways you’ve found to use the pulp – please post your recipes in the comments section and share with the rest of us! If you have an abundance of pulp (and no furry friend or raw recipe ideas), you can add it to your food waste container and use it as compost (or dispose of it) – yet another awesome way to reuse and recycle, and reduce waste.

Whole food juicing is what you do in your high speed blender / Vita-Mix. When you juice in this way, technically it’s not really a juice, more like a thin smoothie, but nevertheless, it’s a super healthy way to begin your day and feel and look your best. You can add the entire fruit or vegetable into the VM and not have to worry about messy clean-up or wasting at all. Because the VM totally liquefies the food making it entirely bio-available, you absorb all those life-giving nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidants) since it’s in a form your body recognizes. Blended food is the easiest food for your body to digest without question. With a blended juice, you get to keep the fiber, something we all know is necessary for digestive health. The processing and clean-up time is minimal in the Vita-Mix according to both me, and the Encyclopedia of Healing Juices :o) – so no matter what way you choose to juice (I suggest both), you’re in for a level of health that is just far beyond your wildest expectations.

Check out Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master (www.juicemaster.com) and Jay Kordich, the father of juicing (www.juicedaddy.com) if you want to learn from the best. Jay is responsible for bringing Juice to the world as we know it – his story is incredible (view it here). Maybe I’ll dedicate the remainder of April to blogging about juicing – my experiences and the upcoming juice cleanse, specific juice blends for beauty, recipes (juices & smoothies – with freshly made juice as the base), and resources to get some Spring in your step!

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