The Most Powerful Kitchen Machine: The Vita-Mix

If there’s 1 kitchen appliance you just can’t live without when trying to eat healthy, it’s the blender. Raw foods and Superfoods are easy to incorporate into your diet when you can just toss them into a blender, whip up a great shake, and have it as your meal. Blended food is much easier to digest, breaking down the cell walls of a food allowing it to be readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Just a regular ole blender can do all that..

But, the Vita-Mix (VM) can do all this and so much more! It’s really 10 machines in 1 – therefore replacing many other appliances (saving you money, time, and effort). On the slowest speeds – 1 through 6, is where you do your food processing (chopping, mincing, dicing). Turn it up to 7 through 10 and you can make cake batters, pancakes, brownies & cupcakes. Crank it to HIGH (which overrides the dial) and you’ll get a fresh whole food juice in 60 seconds. Different than a juice extractor, you get to keep and consume the pulp and fiber of the whole food. I am a major fan of juicing, but I believe juicing both ways, with the VM (whole food juicer) and my awesome Breville Juicer (juice extractor), is ideal. With the VM you can even use the seeds, stem, core, and skin of fruits and vegetables, and it will liquefy leaving no trace behind. A good rule is: thin skin is ‘in’ (edible), and thick will make you sick (banana peels, melon rinds – watermelon is okay but may have a strong taste), orange peel – but eat as much of the white pith as possible for extra Vit C, calcium, and bioflavonoids).

Now, if you let that juice run for a couple minutes without adding ice first, you’ll eventually make a delicious fruit syrup, because the longer you let it run, the warmer the contents get. There is no heating element, it just heats by friction, so you can prepare HOT soup made with fresh, raw vegetables in less than 2 minutes. You can put cold water in the insulated container (only blender container with NO BPA in it!) it will come to a rolling boil (if run on HIGH) in just 7-8 minutes – it doubles in temperature every 2 minutes while it’s running. If you had lots of ice (2 parts ice to 1 part liquid), you can make healthy, raw, homemade ice cream, margaritas (if you’re indulging) or snow cones in a cold breeze. Cleaning is super easy because you don’t need to take it apart, there are no filters or screens – just add soapy warm water, blend for 5-30 seconds, and rinse. No more fighting over who gets stuck doing the dishes from now on!

The Vita-Mix is a 2.1 horsepower, similar to a small lawnmower (wow), whereas a regular blender is just a quarter horsepower.. so 8 times more power! The VM is 1400 watts and 37,000 rpms (compared to 400-500 watts of a regular kitchen blender maxing out at 12,000 rpms). You never have to worry about burning the motor out as there’s a thermal detector, so it will turn off if it overheats (highly unlikely with the new 5200 version) and you can re-start it once cool. The blades are already dull so you don’t even need to worry about ever sharpening the blades (ever), you just rely on the power and strength of the motor to do all the work. Consumer Reports named it the #1 blender and Maxim Magazine ranked Vita-Mix the ‘Best Buy’ compared to others such as Blendtec, Breville and Oster! The VM is the most used commercial blender in the country and the #1 bar blender (used in hundreds of well-known juice cafes, smoothie shops, restaurants, and even fast food joints) It has on average a 20-40 year lifespan, but if you continue to eat living foods there’s no need to worry about it out-living you.

I’m extremely grateful to be working with this company now because from the testimonials I hear and my own personal experience (I’ve owned one for years), the Vita-Mix is the 1 machine that the health conscious crowd can’t live without. I’m all about sharing what I do to make eating this way practical and exciting, and this is yet another way I can educate others on the benefits of raw, living, organic, green, juicy plants. They’ve just started to offer a travel bag, so you can even take it with you when you travel. I’ll be doing demos throughout the NW (and some national shows) – if you’re in this area and would like to get the very best deal on a Vita-Mix, email me and I’ll let you know the upcoming show schedule.

Some favorite links on the Vita-Mix site:
Green Smoothies and Raw Foods

My apologies for not posting a blog over the past couple weeks while I was in the 10 day VM training.. between the long trainings and preparing for this weekend’s Seattle Green Festival, I’ve been less attached to the laptop than normal (somewhat of a good break though) and unable to sit down for more than 5 minutes to write!

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