Feeling Through Your Natural Pregnancy – Interview with Camille Rose Giglio

This interview with my amazing friend Camille Rose Giglio, a progressive mama living off her own property in the beautiful lands of Maine, is one that I know you will receive immense value from, and is exclusive to Edible Goddess. I have stayed in her home and must say it was so refreshing and impressive to see another woman living her passion in so many ways, and in alignment with her spoken values. She certainly embodies the essence of a natural wild woman in the best way ever, and not only is a visionary, but clearly an action taker! Please share this conversation with your pregnant friends (or those desiring to be) and anyone who seeks to live more independently, natural, and free 🙂


Camille has a passion for igniting change in peoples lives globally. She was raised in an alternative household focused on healthy eating, spirituality, and unconventional schooling. Following graduation of high school, she left for NYC and studied Musical Theater at AMDA. At the age of 20, she leaped into a new dietary and lifestyle shift, making profound changes overnight.

Camille would go on to spend over 6 years traveling and working closely with David Wolfe, assisting him in the creation of Noniland, his Hawaii based agricultural research center and honey farm. Before dedicating herself fully to the the TLF team, she worked with Daniel Vitalis and his company SurThrival, where she held the position of Chief Cultural Officer for 2.5 years. She is the Director of Three Lily Farm, which she owns with Frank, and manages just about everything on and behind the scenes.

Drawing from her creative homeschooling upbringing, Camille enjoys crafting up just about anything from herbal salves, scarves, hats, jewelry, or busting out new websites for fun. She draws inspiration from being in nature, taste testing delightful creations from her hubby, organizing women’s moon gatherings, doing yoga, playing music with her band, and dancing.

Stay connected with Camille here: http://ThreeLilyMama.com and http://ThreeLilyFarm.com

You live an extraordinary life on a road less traveled. Would you share your philosophy on living a progressive lifestyle?

I was so blessed to be raised to think for myself and have always learned the best and the most from doing my own research. I would say my philosophy is all about wanting to figure things out for myself, wanting to learn things straight from the source, and aways going with my own gut intuition. I have never been able to follow a “herd mentality” nor have I ever had the desire to. My philosophy is to trust what feels good and question everything that doesn’t feel good. I feel so blessed to have been kept out of the school system and how that shaped my life. I personally feel that school and degrees are completely overrated and they do not equal knowledge, success, or happiness.

How is your life – the choices you make – different than the average women in mainstream society today?

I think that the choices I make in life are very much in alignment with my progressive lifestyle philosophy. There’s so many aspects of day to day life that I forget I do so differently than most of the population of women. I haven’t used “normal” toothpaste in 10 years, I haven’t worn underwire bras in at least that long, and I haven’t used conventional beauty products in 11 years. I’ve been using things like vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and essential oils to clean my house for years.

For things to put on my body I’ve been sourcing only the best quality products or in recent years I’ve made my own. I intentionally avoid checking out mainstream fashion, and do my absolute best to only wear what makes me feel amazing, sexy, and comfortable in my body. And I get a lot of compliments on my weird but awesome fashion style. I don’t like fitting into a crowd, I never have. In my musical theater training, we were taught to do just about anything that sets you out in a crowd to get a part. It only amplified the yearnings I always had to embrace my differences.

I have to attribute so much of this to the way I was raised. I was raised in an alternative new-age hippie family who took us only to naturopaths, home-schooled us, and made sure we loved something in the arts – using our creativity in life through music, dance, art, or any of it. This set me on my path and I feel so beyond blessed I get to pass this energy on to my children who will hopefully be grateful for it one day.


Share why growing your own food and herbs have been important to you during this most precious time. How will this impact your baby, and what benefits can other women expect to receive if they pursue similar interests?

I have to start this one with a story. Earlier in the summer, we were making our decision about when to conceive, and I had recently started enjoying a daily uterine nourishing tea (about 6 weeks before we conceived). I had just recently weeded an entire herb garden that happens to be right outside our bedroom window where we sleep, because it was overgrown and I had new things in mind for this space. A few weeks went by before I got to it and the garden was overrun by “weeds” again. I made the time to work on this garden space again because I had plans for it. The day I went to do this, I discovered the whole thing was overtaken by red clover and red raspberry. This earth knows us better than we do, and always knows what to provide.

For this entire past summer and growing season, I was either preparing my body for pregnancy or had just become pregnant. My connection with the plants around me was more heightened than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. I quickly soaked up as much research as I could on what plants would be great for the entierty of pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum healing. I started harvesting plants that I either grew, have in our perennial gardens, or wild harvested from spots around the land here.

Drying as much as I could for teas, infusing these medicinal plants and flowers into oil (for herbal oils and salves), and making alcohol tinctures with the fresh herbs. This experience of just having conceived and already making my postpartum healing medicine was absolutely magical. I’ve experienced pregnancy loss in the past, and this felt like I was putting my order in to the universe of how I expected this all to pan out. The plants I was looking for that I had never even related with, and wanted to include in my process just started showing up in more and more abundance on the land.

Name your top 3 self-care practices during pregnancy that nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Every night before going to bed, I rub my belly and boobs with a nourishing body butter that I made. The purpose is to prevent stretch marks, but it’s become such a wonderful ritual of taking care of my body before going to sleep, so I’ve added my feet and I give myself a foot massage while I’m at it. I also use this time to give baby a little massage in the womb, which is so good for babies to receive this while in the belly. The body butter is made from shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, with a touch of geranium essential oil. The bit of olive oil makes this pliable in any temperature and doesn’t give the butter any scent.

Long luxurious bathes. I have always been a bath person, I would take a bath over a shower any day. Having a long hot bath while pregnant is one of the most rewarding things I feel I can do for myself and my body. I will make sure I’m taking a bath while not being disturbed, and can take as long as I want. It also provides me with another time to talk to my baby and connect with the being growing in my womb. Sometimes I’ll listen to an Abraham Hicks video, listen to a pregnancy music meditation, or I’ll sing.

Lounging quiet time. I know this doesn’t really sound like a self care practice but it definitely feels like one. Having time to just chill and sit on my bean bag nest is something I make time for every day. Often I will just quietly sit and work on a knitting project, or have snuggle time with my little guy.

Aside from the ultimate gift of your baby, what is the most beautiful present you receive as a result from being pregnant?

On first glance of this question I might have said, all of the love and congratulations that I receive from every which person who finds out I’m growing a baby. Yeah!! It is pretty freaking cool. Upon further reflection, I realize that the relationship my 4.5 year old son has with my growing baby belly and his joy around what I am going through to bring another member to our family, is the biggest gift of all.

I knew he would be excited, I just never knew how epic it could feel. He gives me belly kisses anytime he leaves me for a moment or just for the heck of it, he is always talking about when the baby comes, this will happen. He is the best person at telling me how beautiful I look every day, seriously between his energy and the kicking baby inside my belly, the joy is endless. Someone asked me recently what the biggest difference was between this pregnancy and being pregnant with Wilder, and the differences in my body didn’t even cross my mind (though it’s a completely different experience). Sharing this experience with my little one who also got to live in my womb is just beyond imaginable.

What is your “pregnancy gold” – the foods, herbs, superfoods or other ingredients that are “must have” for you? Share the ones that have really had a pronounced, and substantially positive effect in your body.

My teas! I started a version of this tea before getting pregnant this time – about 6 weeks or so before conceiving. The tea consists of red raspberry and nettle every time, and I will usually add milky oats, alfalfa, horsetail, mint, calendula, etc. Depending on what I am feeling that day. I make about a 1 quart infusion every day and drink it cold or hot, depending on the weather.

Nutrient dense foods like butter, cream, fish oil, oysters, clean seafood, and liver have become part of my regular diet during this pregnancy. These are sought after foods for women who have been pregnant throughout all of time, and are so important for nourishing a little one’s brain and body. I have read stories of our ancestors who had a member of the tribe travel to places where fish was fresh to bring back for the pregnant women in the community.

Fermented foods are so important in this experience as well – kefir, yogurt, fermented veggies, sauerkraut, etc. The bacteria in fermented foods is so great for nourishing our guts while we create little babies, especially in preparation for birth, as we pass on our healthy bacteria to them. In addition to the food I eat, I supplement with fish oil, Vitamin D3, and Mama’s Iron Roots Tonic (a tincture of nettle, dandelion root, and yellow dock root).

What has been your biggest emotional or psychological hurdle that you transcend during pregnancy?

I think that the absolute dedication to providing a safe and loving environment has been the biggest hurdle for me. I want to provide a stress free, upset free, loving space for my baby to grow, and so I have worked hard to create this for myself prior to becoming pregnant and continued through this pregnancy. Letting myself fall into the spiral of negativity around witnessing my body grow… I choose to feel radiant, sexy, curvy, and like a goddess, every single day.

Letting myself fall into the fears and stress of pregnancy, labor, and birthing…. I choose to feel strong no matter what the outside circumstance may be. This baby is beautiful and healthy and so am I. There are too many things to fret or feel fear about on a day to day basis, why would I let myself succumb to them and waste my energy in that way?

Leverage is an beautiful concept to avoid overwhelm and the feeling that there’s never enough time to take care of your own needs and desires. How do you maintain balance with regard to working from home, having a family, your personal hobbies, and maintaining activity levels?

I maintain balance first by creating flexibility in my life. I answer to myself every day, not anyone else. This has been the key thing in creating my own terms in my life. One thing I have learned to do is put my son’s needs first, as well as the growing bean in my belly’s needs. When he thrives, I am thriving and we get through our days with so much joy. When my little bean and this pregnancy is thriving, I am thriving. I have energy to do everything I need to do, and I radiate love while doing it all. When I feel this way, I have all the time I need in a day to complete everything I need to do.

Recently I was feeling (created) stressed about getting things done and feeling a lot of pressure for the things I was focused on. It didn’t last long before something clicked and I decided – wait, I have as much time as I desire for everything that I want to do. And boom, I am suddenly on top of things within moments of this discovery and feel absolutely no stress about these things that had been wearing on me. It’s all about what we decide and expect.

And honestly the balancing act brings a new lesson and experience every day. I’ve decided at some point (no idea when) that I just need to stay in the flow every day. I’ll be excited to start working on a work project, and then my little guy walks up and wants to paint. And when he wants to do something he exudes with so much passion and enthusiasm there’s no possible way it can be put off. None whatsoever. He comes first, so we clear the table together and get the paints ready. I get out my journal and have it nearby nearly all the time so that I can jot down notes or images and record the inspiration.

Do you have any rituals, daily practices, or ceremonies that you include while pregnant? Share how they have served you.

I would say my self care practices feel like rituals to me. Every morning after I wake, I drink a quart of water and down my supplements while doing so. I’ve learned that during pregnancy it’s an especially important time to take care of my teeth and gums, so that practice has become ritual in my life. My little guy loves to have baby and momma snuggle time, so we get cozy and he literally wraps himself around my belly and snuggles and talks to the baby. This is all completely his idea I might add.

Another daily practice for me has been to dance!! This has always been my favorite way to move my body and really the one thing I can stay consistent with doing to get my body moving. And it really gets my body moving. I put on music, usually a dancy playlist I’ve created – loud is my only style – and get my groove on.

Art is a wonderful ritual for any pregnant mama or in my opinion anyone in general ;-). I find that my art becomes very womb like when I am pregnant, without even having intentions of what I am drawing or painting. I love making free flow art with lots of colors where shapes take form on their own, and they just about always take forms of a uterus or little bean growing or big spiral creations which signify birthing energy to me.

As for ceremonies, I did a ceremony by myself when I was ready to conceive and talked to the baby spirit about sticking around and how much fun and love we have in our family. Before she or he arrives I’d like to have a blessing way with the sisters in my community to spiritually prepare for the birth.

Values impact what we prioritize in our day, and how we lead our life. Would you share your foundational values, and how yours influence not only your pregnancy, but how you are choosing to raise your little ones?

Oh boy, do you have time for a small book here with this question? 😉 Kidding, but I could go on and on about this topic for a while…

I feel that we are the creators of our own path and our lives. Within this, the natural desire to never ever squash my child’s spirit is, but to only empower and uplift comes through. This is one of the biggest foundations in my life. I would never want someone to talk to me in a demeaning or belittling way, and it’s never felt good when someone has, so why would I ever want to create that experience for my child?

I want him to grow up learning that he has the power to listen to his own intuition and make choices on his own, using the information that he has. If there’s a situation where he’s wanting to make a choice based on the information he has, and I want to share more with him – we’ll have a chat and I’ll share more with him that may be helpful to his decision making process. I don’t share this knowledge with him from the standpoint of a superior, we talk about it from a place of both being creators of our own lives and merely the fact that I’ve been in this body for longer and had more time to learn here.

Another big foundation for us is that source and Gaia provide for us. To me source and Gaia are one in the same energy. We thank source for the opportunity to grow food and harvest the bounty, and for the beauty and solace that nature provides for us. We are so blessed to live where we live, in our wonderful home on this property that provides so much for us. In turn we share our gratitude for this and appreciation for all that we have and all that we have created.

Possibly the biggest one of all. If we’re not having fun and absolutely loving life, what the heck is the point? 😉

Anything that you want to answer, that I have not yet asked? Go for it… 🙂

I just want to share that any experience in life can be felt through using our own intuition. This includes pregnancy and enjoying life with our little ones, as well as our partners. There’s no reason why pregnancy is any different. This culture is so full of opinions and judgements around this experience, and around it being a medical condition, that it can be so overwhelming just to live in society and being a pregnant woman or becoming a mother.

I choose not to look at pregnancy, labor, and birthing as a condition, but rather an intense initiation and empowering time for women, that is like nothing else of this world. Getting to connect with the baby while still in the womb, cuddling the sweetest squishy little baby while being able to nourish from my own baby, and watching this being grow into a living, breathing, running, talking, laughing, entertaining individual is definitely the coolest thing I have ever done. I am so grateful I am blessed to do this again and to be able to share my experiences with others.

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