Affirmations to Support a Natural Birth

Affirmations are just one small thing you can incorporate during your pregnancy, labor, and birth to support you mentally and energetically during this miraculous process. All things going in your favor count, so let’s take advantage of seeding our minds with beautiful words that remind us of our capabilities, power, and body intelligence.

I suggest you read through each one and go over them a second time (at least) more slowly to really integrate this wisdom into your being. Speak them aloud in a soft tone during your nightly bath ritual. Perhaps you’ll find that your energy will shift, be more uplifted, have more faith, and you’ll resonate with these truths you speak of.

Every single choice you make during pregnancy builds (or take away from) the confidence you have in yourself as a woman with the greatest job on earth. Do not take this on as pressure, but as seriously high levels of empowerment instead!

You wouldn’t have been given this opportunity if you weren’t able to do it! Your body is capable. You’ve been given a gift and can see it through naturally. TRUST THE UNIVERSE.

BuiltForBirthI put all fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby.

I am focused on a smooth, easy, and quick birth.

I trust my body completely and I follow itsโ€™ lead.

I feel confident, safe, and secure.

I rejoice and am truly happy that my baby is coming to me.

I only have 1 thing to do, and that is nothing. I let my body do what it knows how to do.

My muscles work in complete harmony to make birthing easier and I feel a natural tranquility flowing thru my body.


My baby knew the perfect time to be conceived, and it knows the perfect time to be born.

My baby knows how to be born and wants an easy birth as much as I do.

There are 490,000 women who will birth on the same day as I do.

I welcome positive, supportive, and nurturing thoughts.

My environment is set up to support a calm birth.

I allow myself to relax completely.

I breeeeaeathe my baby out.

My body knows how to birth my baby.

During my labor the only thing I have to do is nothing.

My cervix opens as its’ meant to, and without great effort.

During labor, time does not matter, I allow myself to be in laborland.

I tune out what is going on around me. I am connected to my SELF.

I surrender completely to my labor. I trust my body to be in control of my birth.

I make progress with every surge. I move into a deeper state of relaxation with every surge.

I insist on being treated with dignity and respect. I am my strongest advocate & speak up for myself.

This baby and I work together; we know what to do and he/she will give me all the signs I need. We’re partners in this!

I welcome my body with open loving arms! With each surge I tell my baby how much I love them and look forward to their arrival.

I am the only thing my baby knows. My baby belongs with me and we stay together after birth.

I already know everything I need to know about birth. The answers are within me!

Women have been doing this for all of humanity. I can do this just like they have.


My body knows how to build & grow a baby from scratch, and it certainly knows how to birth a baby.
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In the comments section below, let’s hear your affirmations: Do you have any other powerful phrases that you use? What else have you done during your pregnancy to stay strong in your knowing that you really can do this? Our body is incredibly capable; it’s time we acknowledge it, and remind ourselves daily. I invite you to share your insight here so that we all may benefit from positivity, and reassuring thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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