Simple Side Dishes: Baked Beets & Yam Fries

Everyone loves a satisfying side dish. And, as much as I love complexity in flavor, I adore simplicity often when it comes to whipping up a couple side dishes that can really be considered a full meal. I’m an intuitive eater and go with what calls to me. Does your body speak to you, and do you listen? I’m practicing eating 100% intuitively, based on what I’m drawn to right now, and I’ve made strong connections with regard to this and what my physical body needs. I’ll go more in depth into this in upcoming articles this next month. Stay tuned 🙂



BAKED BEETS for beauty

Beets cleanse the liver, and radiate gorgeous bright colors – a clear sign that they’re extra high in antioxidants that strengthen our immune system and unleash natural beauty. Here’s my easy method for baking them – awesome for those that want something other than beet juice, shredded raw beets, or steamed beet beauties.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, and as it’s warming chop 2 medium-size organic red and/or golden beets (preferably locally grown). Put the chopped beets into foil with the shiny side of the foil touching the food. The dull side has been sprayed or coated with something to make it dull I was once told, so I prefer to avoid food contact on that side.

I let them bake for a bit, take them out, slightly open the foil to add sea salt (to taste – approx 1/4 teaspoon for me), seaweed flakes (kelp, dulse), and freshly squeezed lemon. Pop them back in the oven and let them finish baking so they’ve been in there 30-40 minutes. I find that baking them in foil is superior to in a baking dish, as they’ll often stick to the dish and will be tough to get off. Let’s keep things easy!

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BAKED YAMS – ideal women’s food

Yams are the epitome of a ‪‎food‬ designed for a woman! There’s something within the yam energy that nourishes our femininity. I’ve heard many ladies say the same for we resonate with the warming, nurturing, soothing energy it provides. Do you feel these vibes too? How do you feel with this grounding food?


Preheat your oven to 400-425 degrees, and as it’s warming slice 1 medium to large yam into the size of slices you desire (just like fries). Put them into foil with the shiny side of the foil touching the food.

Sprinkle high quality sea salt (relatively liberally, to taste) and cinnamon on your yam. Bake for a while, then take out, lightly shake them around and add a drizzle of pure organic maple syrup (to your liking). Bake for 45 minutes total or until they’re soft, not hard, and not way too squishy. Some will want to add a healthy fat source whether that be extra virgin organic raw coconut oil, or cultured organic raw butter. Your call!

I included wild yam extract in my signature product, Everlasting Youth (the ultimate tonic herbal beauty blend for the health-seeking women of our world) because of the reasons I shared above as well as the fact that wild yam extract is tremendously supportive to regulating hormones! Women have needs to bring balance to their moods, endocrine system, and hormone levels and so we naturally gravitate toward foods and herbs that heal us from within. I’ve heard this in hundreds of product testimonials and experienced it at a strong level myself. It continues to amaze me just how much Nature delivers the answer so eloquently and directly to our species! GRATITUDE

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