Homemade Wild Blackberry Ice Cream



2 frozen large organic ripe bananas
1-1.5 cups wild harvested blackberries or store bought organic ones
3/4 cup coconut milk OR 1/2 cup organic raw cream OR 1/2 cup non-dairy nut mylk OR 1-2 more frozen bananas
1 teaspoon Goji Joy (sugar free goji berry extract = concentrated happiness)
1 teaspoon Maca Bliss (creamy potent dual extraction of black maca root)
swirls of 100% pure organic maple syrup, to taste
pinch of high quality sea salt (bring out the sweetness & enhance flavors)

To get the real ice cream consistency where it scoops out and looks like you bought it at Baskin Robbins, one would use the coconut milk or organic raw cream. Dietary preferences are up to you!

Blend all ingredients together in a Vita-Mix until mixed very well. Transfer to an ice cream maker and let it run for 15-30 minutes depending on how fast it thickens and becomes the consistency you prefer. If you do not have an ice cream maker, put the ice cream is a medium size bowl and place in the freezer, stirring every 5 minutes until it’s ice cream consistency! 🙂



Add toppings of choice … you know what mine will be! CHOCOLATE GOLD! Pictures were taken prior to dousing the ice cream joyfully with the Black Maca Chocolate Gold (fudge-y love sauce) that goes so well with the flavor of this ice cream. You may scoop it out and spread as you wish over the ice cream, or melt it at a lower temp so it’s easy to pour out. Eat your bowl with such joy that the possibilities of healthy homemade ice cream exist!

Other Potential Toppings
chopped or shredded Chocolate Goldies
raw cacao nibs
fresh local bee pollen
chopped local fruit
raw coconut shreds
heirloom organic raw chocolate chips (I’m currently selling in bulk only)

What else would you put on your scrumptious bowl of delicious delight?

With each spoonful of Chocolate Gold, you receive:
Energy + Happiness + Immunity + Joy + Longevity + Youth + Mental Clarity + Sensuality + Vitality + Well-Being + Peace + Love + Activation + Bliss + Healing + Upliftment + Freedom + Exhilaration

Here we are with leftover ice cream the day after it was made… 🙂 YUM YUM! It’s such a simple quick recipe and I’m feeling the vibes of spending lots of time with the ice cream maker over this next week because it’s pushing 100 degrees nearly every day (sunny northern California) and besides ice living spring water + goji lemonade, all I want is cooling food! Is it still HOT where you’re at? I sure do love my summers despite these rare brutal heatwaves. The only thing I’d change locations for is to live right on the beach!


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