My Wintery Immunity Tonic – Herbs for Immune System Health


Herbal tonics during the cold winter season are where it’s at for me right now; they are the herbs to take for immune system health. I already do a decent dose of therapeutic (yet TONIC = safe for daily use) herbs on a regular basis, but with the busyness, stress at times, and chilly temps of this season, I prefer to keep my immunity at an all-time high to avoid what many unnecessarily experience every year without fail: colds, the flu, and a compromised immune system. Yuck! I have too much to do in life to be sick.

I’m all about ease, so this needs to be quick and painless for me (no pills either!). If I’ve got 5 minutes to whip up something & clean up, what’s the most powerful beverage I can make that actually tastes yummy? Ooooh la la, let me introduce to you my fav herbs and medicinal mushrooms. These guys are powerhouses, and combine together in a synergy that is simply unmatched. Best of all, when sweetened with stevia (or other preferred low glycemic sweetener), they allow me to drink them all day long with no stimulation or weird blood sugar issues.

What’s in the herbal tonic as seen above? I’m so glad you asked. Here it is, and yes, I’m happily sipping on it as I type this all wrapped up in a scarf I purchased locally to keep my neck warm 🙂


16-32 ounces locally harvested spring water
1 teaspoon Mushroom Immunity (deep coffee-like flavor)
1 teaspoon Longevity in a Bottle (herbal adaptogenic blend)
1/4 teaspoon Pearl Extract (to chill the nervous system)
1/2 droppersful plain or vanilla stevia, to taste (Omica Organics brand)

I often like adding flower essences to my herbal potions as well for emotional healing and addressing this thru the subtle energy of these flowers. An easy remedy for nervous tension, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, worry, acceptance, and being able to enjoy the moment.

Blend on high for 30 seconds. Let the foam settle and pour over ice (made with pure water) into a gorgeous mug OR put it in a pot and warm up for a hot tea. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Both are excellent and it just depends on what you’re in the mood for! You want the stevia to cut the bitterness of the herbs and have this be an ENJOYABLE drink to consume. It is!

If you like this recipe, you’ll find plenty more free recipes in the archives on my blog (5+ years worth), and in my Superfood Beauty Elixirs eBook. Happy holidays, friends!

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