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It’s also the NEW MOON in Sagittarius, today – Monday Dec 2. Ready to set some intentions, say a few prayers, and align with your truth as you face your future? What is the reality you want to bring forth? This is juicy stuff for me.. the kind of thing I think about throughout my day and while I’m sweating like crazy in Bikram or Power yoga, or out hiking / jogging in the hills by my house. I am SO feelin’ this article right now on today’s New Moon and always seem to resonate with the writings of the Mystic Mamma. We’re moving out of the deep Scorpio lessons and into really creating the path we’d like to walk based on the lessons we’ve learned…

P.S. I have created the most magnificent new version of my most popular product – the Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil (with Chaga mushroom, horsetail leaf, lavender flowers & vanilla bean) – and this upgrade is with Ormus + Marine Phytoplankton + Freshwater Pearl + Fresh Aloe Gel + Organic Raw Royal Jelly + Vitamin D + Emotionally Balancing Flower Essences. It’s ancient healing wisdom food for your skin!! You can eat it, too.

Here’s the Herbal Infused Beauty Label, and I’ll have a beautiful one designed for this new graded one as well!

Herbal Infused Coconut Oil Image

This oil is a miracle worker for your skin, which happens to drink up every little thing you put onto it – so be mindful! You’ll apply this newest creation of mine to your face, neck, breasts, entire body, and then take a little spoonful of it for internal healing. MAGIC!! Maybe I’ve never been *this* excited about a product launch before… !!

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