My Cheetos, Coke & Cigarette Addiction

Before my awakening 10+ years ago, I had some addictive behaviors. Eating Cheetos, drinking Coco-Cola, and smoking cigarettes were among the habits that were killing me. I didn’t know how toxic my life was at the time (late teens/early 20s), but that was because I was living at a totally different level of consciousness because of my lifestyle and eating choices.

People ask about my past and why I now eat the way I do, and so I will share.

When I was in high school, my nickname was “Cheeto Head”. I loved Cheetos, and anything that had to do with cheese ever since I could probably walk. I’d do anything to get my hands on a block of orange cheddar cheese and could eat it faster than I could run. My fingertips were often covered in an orange color from these artificial and chemical-laden snacks, and this is how my nickname developed (though it wasn’t my only nickname).

I remember waking up in the middle of the night – countless times – going to the fridge, and guzzling chilled coke from a 1 liter bottle. Can I throw up now? This is so disgusting for me to even think about: my growing body was in a cleansing & regenerating mode (as it always is between the hours of midnight and 8am, or so), and I’m taking swigs of phosphoric acid! I’d then go back to sleep. It quenched my thirst, or so I thought. My high school friends laughed (like, “yea right!”) when they found out I didn’t drink soda anymore, I imagine doubting that someone like me could give it up!

I also ate a LOT of TV dinners, bagel bites, Hostess cupcakes (mainly the frosting), frozen pizzas, fresh Chicago-style pizzas (I was raised in the Chicago suburbs), ribs, pot roast, pork chops, steak, white potatoes, canned vegetables (green beans, corn, peas), fast food / take-out, cheeseburgers (I wouldn’t touch a hamburger because there was no cheese on it), and we used to go to this Chinese restaurant frequently enough that I remember I used to order the veggie fried rice. I also drank Quik Chocolate Milk most mornings on the side of my non-organic cantaloupe LOL.

Again, during high school, I started smoking cigarettes on the weekend when I went to parties in the woods (yes, we partied in the woods and it was fun – though probably dangerous). At some point I started to smoke even when I was not partying with friends and this was when the addiction to inhaling carcinogenic fumes really began. I think I associated it with being cool. This makes my heart sink… I only wish I could have whispered in my ear that my mom would eventually die from such an addiction (and a terminal diagnosis + toxic lifestyle habits) and I better stop asap. 🙁 More on that very personal story HERE.

There were several nights I chain-smoked to an extreme level (while intoxicated) especially during the 2 years of my severe depression and self-destructive war.

I DID crawl out of what I thought was the end of my own life and am now a motivational health speaker and teacher, and I coach women all around the world who desire a positive transformation. If anyone knows how to inspire change within someone, I do! My holistic nutrition & conscious lifestyle approach does not put you in a box; it gives you FREEDOM!! Know the difference.

I have A LIFE-SAVING MESSAGE and know it!

What changed for me… and how did I drop my Cheeto, Coke and cigarette habit? I made a conscious decision to stop killing myself. Seriously… the Cheetos and Coke fell by the wayside at some point in my early 20s, and on Mother’s Day in 2003 I stood in my living room feeling a bit of a struggle to breathe deeply, and I DECIDED to quit everything that was killing me (which included the birth control pill I had been on for far too long).

And so, when people ask why I eat the way I do (an all organic raw superfood herbal & wild foods diet), or make snide remarks about my not eating meat or dairy – my response is that I now eat food that makes me feel ALIVE. What’s so complicated & shocking about that? I just don’t feel good when I eat the way I used to (meat/dairy/eggs/cheese/fast food/processed food)! I don’t aggressively push this on anyone, but you better believe I live by example and inspire others to want more for themselves in general, whatever that means for them. I no longer make choices that obviously hurt me, and find this act to be extremely self-empowering. You should try it, and consider – are the choices you’re making hurting you? Be honest and if you need motivation, come to 1 of my events where you’ll be blasted with inspiration!

I chose life because it’s precious, I’m a miracle, a divine being… and you are too… Here’s a visual of my powerful transformation: my before & after pictures!

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