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I’m sharing my journey with you for both of our benefit so that we can all see how far I’ve come; if it’s possible for me, it’s certainly possible for you. Considering my mission in life is to inspire and uplift humanity, I am willing to bring you into my private world that hasn’t always been flattering in an effort to show you what’s possible. If I influence you to take decisive action to accelerate your own positive transformation, that is all that matters to me. I live for this.

It’s easy for people to assume that those who educate on health & nutrition have always been “perfect” (using other people’s words, not mine). Let’s just throw that out the window because that’s just seeing the perfection in others and not yourself. See it in yourself no matter where you are, today.

Please, no judgment for viewing these pictures – I had to muster up all my courage to put this together and post it publicly – which wasn’t easy – but it has reminded me of just how far I’ve come and allowed me to feel proud of who I’ve become. We all have our own journey.

Keep in mind as you view this mini-album that I was super healthy and extremely fit in high school (on Drill Team where we competed in dance, kick, pom, etc), and that it was my college years and an intense traumatic experience in my early 20s that threw me into a tailspin and nosedive from which I gradually recovered.

Summer of 2001

This was taken during the backpacking trip I took around Europe as a way to escape the reality that my mom had just passed. I was devastated, and unable to cope in healthy ways.

Let me preface this trip down memory lane by saying that we all have our starting point. When I initially posted this blog, I received amazing feedback and it seemed as though it inspired thousands. I got only 1 comment from someone that said my “before” pictures were not bad enough.

I was slowly dying… felt like crap (hungover, etc)… not on purpose… directionless… living a destructive life… and yes, I was 25 lbs overweight. I personally feel I have made a tremendous turn-around and hope it will inspire YOU to make a positive transformation as well, if you are in need of one.

September 2003

OMG – who WAS that girl? Dear Goddess… help her! This was during a 2 year phase where I lived recklessly and had lost my will to live – NO exaggeration. Here’s why. At this point, I had abused alcohol as a coping mechanism, smoked a lot of cigarettes, ate fast food, processed food and soda pop & had been on the birth control pill for way too long. This was before my awakening. I was slowly killing myself (from 2001- 2003).

I quit smoking cigarettes on Mother’s Day May 2003 and never looked back! This was something my mom asked me to do prior to her passing. I stopped the birth control pill that same week.

Have an honest look at yourself and take steps to eliminate any actions you know are hurting and/or killing you.


September 2003

Yikes. I’m from Chicago, but this was taken in Hawaii. Eating pizza anywhere and everywhere I could… Italian girls love pizza 😉

September 2003

Not showing the best & healthiest expression of myself … in fact, not having any idea what that even meant yet.

September 2003

Jeez – I am so not the same girl that I was back then! Though, we all start somewhere.

What are the steps you can start taking TODAY to turn your life around for the better?
Make a list, write it down, and take action.

September 2003

Oh Goddess. I have no words, but this is a good “before” picture I think. So freakin’ COMPLACENT!! Though at the time, I couldn’t call it what it was, as most people can’t.

February 2006

Um, yea. Again… I have yet to unleash the best side of my genetics at this point, but it’s in there, I know it. You just wait and see…

May 2006

Adopted a sweet high energy doggie and immediately lost weight (8-10 lbs within a few weeks) just by exercising him daily. You’ll start to see me smile in the next few pictures as I really start to get it together… (my nutrition plan is super dialed in from this point forward; this was a year of quantum leaps).

This is when I really started to take exceptional care of me and embarked on a SELF-LOVE & SELF-CARE REVOLUTION ♥

July 2006

Getting some definition back in my body – releasing unnecessary layers of fat. I had just completed my 2nd 100% committed 7 day juice fast and had started my holistic nutrition educator certification program just a couple months earlier.

That’s JavaDog… my best furry pal ever besides my kitty, EmmyCat.

July 2007

Mid-transition… not exactly my dream vision of myself yet but I was immersing myself in everything health-related that I could get my hands on. A LOT of study, reading, audios, programs… time and money committed to ME. I was a “whole foods & plant-based” vegan girl that had started to wear organic & hemp clothing as seen in this pic (tank and pants).

July 2007

Been eating a plant-based whole foods nutrition plan (not raw yet but had switched to organic raw dairy at this point when I periodically had it) yet still suffering greatly from anxiety and near panic attacks (it was a nightly occurrence for a period of time). The countless nutritional strategies I implemented helped to some degree, but I eliminated this heavy cloud from my life once I took a truly honest look at what I feared MOST. Now I specialize in helping women build resilience to stress & relieving anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, as well as strategies for weight loss and unleashing one’s potential. Oh… the FREEDOM! No one should ever live with anxiety – it greatly reduces the potential for abundant joy.

September 2007

I’m on the right path and I know it. I had been consuming superfoods since September 2001 and feel this was critical in helping me transition to eating more raw foods so easily when I did (next picture). Interestingly, I was introduced to raw foods in Sept 2001 but felt it was extreme & a radical approach to health. I started by adding superfoods and wild foods in (thank you David Avocado Wolfe) and it worked wonders for me. Highly recommend this approach because it makes for easy compliance! 🙂

I was managing part of a Dave Matthews Band tour in this pic – so much fun!

December 2007

After just a few days of raw food and fresh vegetable juicing; middle of the winter while traveling, living out of hotels for work and away from home for several weeks with no kitchen equipment. I busted all the common excuses that typically stop people from eating more fresh organic food that grows from our beautiful earth (cold weather, inconvenience, uneducated). I had gotten very sick while on the road managing this organic health food tour exposed to who-knows-what and everything made my belly sick except raw food and juices. This is where it really started for me… barefoot on the beach, thinking about the “why” of it all and LISTENING to my body that was clearly screaming what it wanted…

I was in Costa Mesa, CA & Newport Beach during this time and ate at the 118 degrees restaurant & other local raw/juice cafes so many times it was ridiculous, but I did what I HAD to do to heal my body. It worked.

July 2009

Kitchen counter is loaded with superfoods & herbs with tons of fresh organic food in the fridge from the farmer’s market. Love the Vita-Mix! Making great strides in my health on all levels. Thank the Goddess for HealthForce Nutritionals (I had been consuming HF goodies since Sept 2001). ♥ Praise Vitamineral Green – it was the catalyst product that influenced this journey you’re politely viewing. HF = HealthForce.

On the counter in the wooden crate: ZeoForce (HF), Warrior Food (HF), wild blue green algae, cordyceps mushroom powder, Liver Rescue & Antioxidant Extreme (HF), tons of herbal extracts, medicinal mushroom powders blends, homemade herbal tinctures & more alchemy.

Still working on toning up and slimming down certain areas but so close to what is best for me. I am getting more clear, bright, glowing & experiencing radiant health in my journey for a long time now… I’m AWAKE! Hello world, I’m ready for ya!

Total weight loss to date (from 2003 – 2012): almost 25 lbs! Feeling renewed and looking like a totally new person as I reflect on the past. I am extremely grateful to have chosen the passionate pursuit of unconventional nutritional wisdom.

Fall 2014

Big shifts are happening for me and even small changes can provide dramatically positive results. Love the “needle movers”. I’ve been drinking 100% freshly harvested living spring water since June 2009! Meaning no tap water, no water in plastic bottles, no filters that are ineffective – just water that comes out of our beautiful earth.

Don’t underestimate the power of clean, pure water. Our bodies are 70-75% water and your blood is cleansed in just 7 DAYS – that’s it!

Summer 2014

If you’d like the full game plan for what it took for me to get where I am today, and strategic, effective information on how to shorten your learning curve so it doesn’t take you so long, I invite you to consider working directly with me. I also teach award-winning classes and host retreats worldwide!
Have faith in yourself, this is possible for everyone.

For more up-to-date pictures, visit me on Facebook, Instagram, or on my Edible Goddess YouTube Channel. I’m inspired to create more videos, so please subscribe!

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About Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic nutritionist, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health & lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body's inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value. Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!

15 comments on “Bethanne’s Before & After Pictures

  1. Thank you for sharing. I looked back at some pics of myself and although I have improved I still have quite a while to go. I am new to your site and have a few questions. First, what do you feel like made the greatest impact on your health- a single cleanse, juicing, just doing elixirs etc? Also, I really enjoy using nut milks as the base for my green smoothies but can I still do this if my PH is not testing alkaline yet? I really don’t like doing straight green juice because of the sugar so do the herbal teas as the base and addition of green powders make it alkaline enough even with brown-ish superfoods/herbs and nuts? I just don’t seem to be alkalizing but feel like I need some nuts/fats for energy. It just seems many experts who eat/drink this way like yourself and David Wolfe can do so only after years of alkalizing on green juices. Thanks!

    • Jen, thanks for your response & questions! The best health decision I ever made is this: I’ll explain more in upcoming videos (1 posting very soon – “in the garden with Bethanne”). It’s just perception that certain people can eat more alchemically after spending years alkalizing. This is not always the case and by incorporating tonic herbs (which are alkalizing) and some organic superfoods, you can bring harmony without only doing green juice, as I did. I love green juices and they should not have a bad effect on your blood sugar because it’s only greens, celery, cucumber, lemon, lime, etc.

      I’d have to know more about your diet & lifestyle to be able to make really thorough recommendations for you, but yes – you can do some nut/seed mylks if in balance with other alkalizing foods & drinks. Keep up with the dark leafy greens! Let me know if I can help any further.

  2. Beautiful share. Thank you for revealing the major part of your life transition. I know you are a better person for coming though the “darkness of the soul” ….. you are true light, a true goddess. Much love to you my friend.

    Great Respect,

  3. WOW! Thanks for sharing your journey! You were still adorable even when puffy from wheat, cheese, etc. but my goodness, such radiance comes through with each passing year!

  4. Bethanne, you’re a gem! Thank you for sharing your journey and being an inspiration to so many! You radiate vitality and beauty! Lots of love for you, sista! xo <3

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  7. Such a beautiful and inspiring woman, this is just what I needed to start my own journey back to a happy and healthy lifestyle! 🙂

  8. It’s been almost five years since I’ve been 90+% raw. In 2005 I started adding cooked foods into my diet as well as grains while eating only organic but staying off dairy and most animal products. Unfortunately, with time, I was noticing that the shine and vibrancy I used to have was beginning to fade. I didn’t know what to do as it was very hard for me to stay on raw foods only. I just turned 30 and really want to be super healthy again and get that youthful vibe again So! Two days ago I decided to make a slightly altered version of the smoothie that won the contest. Within TWO DAYS of having it twice per day my body is visibly changing! Two days! Talk about the power of living foods Thank you for keeping on and shining on for us all! Love 2U~e

  9. Bethanne,

    I’m kind of crying here. For one, I have only known you in your glow as I met you in person in April in 2015 this year and you’ve been so amazing in helping me via email and with your online platform of sharing. Second, I JUST stumbled upon your personal transformation journey here because an email from longevity power that took me to that website and then there and there, and then here, and wow!!! I feel so much hope. I did not know you struggled with anxiety and went through all of this unfolding and rebuilding. I cry because I am happy you committed to yourself because you are a light. And I have been on a health journey for 3.5 years and this feels like my quantum leap year finally. Healing a lot of things and finally introduced superfoods into my diet this past April. I am using your EVY still and am almost out, so I’m learning and shopping for more superfood tonics not only for myself, but for my husband to start as well this January. He has opened up to adaptogenic herbs and so we are both going to be making great strides this year!! So much love to you, Bethanne! And again, if you come to NYC, let’s go eat Quintessence or have a delicious raw food/health workshop at my restaurant M.O.B! AND, bless your little bumblebee! What a happy soul with limitless expression he/she will be! Ok! XOXO, Love, Sara Fuller

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